The Kaloki Universe is Brought to iPhone With Kaloki Adventure


kaloki-adventure-iphoneNow available in the App Store, Kaloki Adventure is the iPhone and touch version of Outpost Kaloki X that was first released for the Xbox 360 and given an award for Sim Game of the Year. An animated tycoon-style strategy game, Kaloki Adventure is all about the successful building and expansion of an intergalactic space station. Kaloki Adventure features animated 3D graphics, jazzy background music, and relatively simple interface. If you enjoy tycoon games, keep an eye on Kaloki Adventure.

While the overall concept of Kaloki Adventure was first proven with the Xbox 360 version, the translation to iPhone is both rewarding and at the same time, disappointing. The game is well made, strategically speaking. You play through 14 levels attempting to manage your resources and money to build a better space station and keep your intergalactic customers happy. Managing energy resources, intelligence resources and building trading posts and lemonade stands will keep you hopping as you try to work through each level successfully. There are also six bonus scenarios with the promise of more to come. 

The gameplay in Kaloki Adventure is well suited to this type of game and makes a good mobile title. The user interface consists of nothing more than watching your information windows and adjusting things accordingly by simply tapping to access the building and management tools. As your money grows, you must continue to expand until meeting the objectives for each level.

While Kaloki Adventure is an optimum tycoon/resource management game and is available for a decent price, the stability that was supposed to be addressed in the recent update remains a problem as far as I can see. While some users complained that the auto-save feature doesn’t work – and it didn’t for me– the manual save option caused my game to spontaneously close and then restart the level I had just completed. Regardless, it seems clear that the developer, NinjaBee,  is intent on standing behind their release and so I am hopeful that the stability issues will be resolved. Once this is the case, Kaloki Adventure should prove a worthwhile addition to the games available for iPhone. In the mean time, you can always check out Kaloki Free, which provides users with limited levels and brief ads.

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