Kandoobi Animal Edition: Four Learning Games in One App That Children Will Love

Animals - Coloring, Matching, Spelling & Learning Activities for Your Creative Baby or Toddler (AppStore Link)
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Animals - Coloring, Matching, Spelling & Learning Activities for Your Creative Baby or Toddler
Developer: Kandoobi
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Kandoobi Animal Edition for iOSThe rate at which technology becomes integrated into society is astounding. We are currently at the point where my 10 year old niece knows more about iPads than her father does. The age for technology users is skewing younger and younger everyday. My 13 month old daughter routinely prefers to use my iPhone over many of her own toys. As a parent it has become imperative to not only find entertaining but educational apps as well. That is why Kandoobi Animal Edition has been a welcomed app on my iOS devices.

When I first opened the Kandoobi Animal Edition app it began to play a soft instrumental lullaby. My daughter, who was near by, immediately looked in my direction and inquisitively said “Oh” and walked over to take a look at what I was doing. I sat her on my lap and we began to explore the Kandoobi Animal Edition app for about 15 minutes, which in baby time is an eternity.

The Kandoobi Company’s motto is “games little ones can do!” The user interface is fairly straight forward with four icons to choose from on the Kandoobi Animal Edition app’s home screen: letters, coloring, scratch & fill and matching.

Letters: This section in the Kandoobi Animal Edition app allows you to choose between 120 different animal characters. Once you choose a character, a small train drags the letters of the animal’s name across the bottom of the screen. Your child’s job is to spell out the name of the animal using the letters provided. My daughter is barely learning how to talk and babbles all day long, so this was a great opportunity to go over letters and sounds with her.

Coloring: This section has two basic components. It allows your child to draw free hand on a blank screen, while choosing between nine different colors. You can also choose an animal character to color on. The Kandoobi app also allows to you save your child’s drawing on your device’s camera roll. Unfortunately, the app does not let you directly post the drawings to your social media outlets.

Scratch & Fill: This section again lets you choose between the 120 animal characters in the Kandoobi Animal Edition app’s rolodex. This section of the app is aimed at younger children who may not be able to color by themselves just yet. The animal that you choose shows up on the screen with a grey tint and as your child wipes sections of the animal away it begins to fill with color.

Matching: This section gives the user a silhouette of an animal and gives the user three animals to choose from. Your child must then drag the animal into the silhouette and the app will name the animal and move on to the next silhouette and group of animals. My daughter particularly enjoyed this section of the Kandoobi app. The matching game was a little too advanced for her to do alone, but she had a fun time as I helped her drag to animals into their appropriate silhouettes.

Overall the Kandoobi Animal Edition app is fun and engaging, as evidenced by my daughter using it and enjoying the interaction. I would say that the app itself is probably for children ages three and up. Younger children may have trouble using the Kandoobi app by themselves. But the app can also be a great educational tool for teaching your younger children words, letters and animal names. You simply have to use it together. I have been doing this with my daughter and she has enjoyed the app.

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