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Kart Toons Racing
Developer: Alexandre Fredenucci
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kart-toon-racing-iphoneKart Toons Racing is is akin to Crash Bandikoot Nitro Kart or Mario Kart, but unfortunately suffers from bad controls, poor graphics and overall mediocre gameplay.

To play you choose one of four cartoon characters; Bomber Cat, Lola, Igor, or Spike to participate in a series of races. Each of the characters has a distinct car with varying speed, acceleration, grip and weight. While the specs for each racer were different it was hard to tell them apart when giving each of them a try.

After choosing a character it is then off to the track, which begins at the Sun Cup. There are five additional cups that must be unlocked in order to race in them.

Your racer and your opponents hit the race track, which is a pretty minimalistic design with a few outlying graphics near the road. The steering is mostly responsive, but it is easy to over-steer and go careening into trees or other objects. If you find the tilt controls too difficult, the options menu allows for controlling the car by tapping on-screen instead, but that was even more difficult and clunky. While racing you can pick up various weapons to dust off opponents.

There are a few other options in the settings menu, though the customization is rather thin. The annoying music can thankfully be disabled, as well as the sound effects if you so desire. The game speed, steer strength and sensitivity can also be tweaked.

Kart Toons Racing lacks a lot of the extras that are now common in other App Store games, such as multi-player, customization features or connecting to OpenFeint or other popular social gaming networks. Even only four characters to choose from is a bit slim.

Kart Toons Racing has a good premise; there is a reason that Crash Bandikoot Nitro Kart 3D was so popular that it spawned the sequel Crash BandiKoot Nitro Kart 2. But it just lacks too much execution in its current form to be recommended.

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  • Dabeast

    not fun