Bouncing Around With Karuki is Simple Fun


karuki-iphoneYou know how every now and then you run across a game for your iPhone or touch that makes you smile, curse, and drain your battery life all in the span of an hour or so? It has certainly happened to me a time or two and with Karuki, it's no exception. This simple and whimsical little game is both challenging and easy at the same time. I like it and it certainly does make me smile.

Developed by Portable Zoo, Karuki is a game based on lines and physics and you have to basically draw your way through each level. But you don't have to be good at it. That's the beauty of Karuki. The overall objective of the game is the challenge, but the game is remarkably forgiving while you achieve it.

Set against a chalkboard background, Karuki is this little blue blob that needs you to draw his way from the bottom up. By drawing lines for Karuki to use, he will bounce on them and move up and around the board. Your objective is to get him to collect gems and his little blue spore-like offspring. Karuki has to get a minimum number of mini-hims to the exit on each board before proceeding to the next.

As Karuki bounces off your hand drawn chalk lines, which you try to draw at various angles and lengths to better control him, he also has to avoid the bad guys. Evil wizards and skulls that steal Karuki’s life and his mini followers randomly appear on the board. Avoiding them can be difficult, but if you bounce at just the right angle or just the right speed, you might just achieve your goal. Though the game gets more challenging as you advance, there are plenty of opportunities to collect the miniature Karukis and get them to safety. Just remember to stay out of the water.

Karuki is a fun, clever game with simple interface and responsive play. Its sound effects back up the experience making it an all around pleasant game to play. Once you’ve got the hang of it, see how long you can last and compare your high scores to those of other users.

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