Katana Zombie Brings a Whole New Meaning to Ninja Zombies

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Katana Zombie
Developer: Pigmalion Studios S.R.L
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Picture a nice, cool and crisp fall day. You're out with your sister having a nice chat, maybe drinking a hot cup of cocoa and enjoying the fall leaves and bam, she's gone. But where has she gone to? To an old Japanese village of course. Oh, but the shenanigans are just getting started as Katana Zombie mixes zombies who not only want to karate chop you, but want to eat your brains as well as the ruthless commander Dr Z, the game's evil freak scientist.

Since the dawn of man, one would think we'd be sick of zombies by now. I for one, am not and probably never will be as they're just great fun. Especially when they're dressed in ninja garb and there are 14 levels of shooting, blowing up and slicing fun wrapped up into a wickedly fun ninja gore slasher app named Katana Zombie. Yes, I think I just coined a new genre. 

Back to the story. Lee Katana, the main character, time travels back to the countryside of Japan to find his sister Jean who's been kidnapped by the evil Dr Z. The only way to bring her back is to battle through all levels by killing the zombies and saving the geishas. Oh and there's some nasty bosses to overcome too.

As for gameplay in Katana Zombie, it's actually quite fun. Even though there are only 14 levels, there's quite a bit of FPS slide scrolling gameplay that features some interesting graphics that even seem to capture the intensity of the battles. The geishas are a bit freaky, but not as scary as the zombies in ninja suites slashing the screen.

To kill them, the player must use a gun, grenade or katana, which is one of the traditional Japanese swords, to kick some zombie butt before they eat the player's brains. Points are earned with each kill and point combos are achieved by multiple hits and kills. Staying a live becomes quite difficult as the levels progress, especially when the ninja zombies hanging from the sky throw gobs of guck at the screen. I must say that slicing is the funnest way to get rid of said evil doers. But be careful because the ghost ninja zombies and the outrageously oversized ninja zombies require multiple hits before being defeated.

For its well done zombie thrashing motif, slashing and overall gameplay, I'd say Katana Zombie is a nice break from the normal physics based puzzlers that seem to be taking over the app store. Well done Pigmalion Studios, well done.

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  • http://www.purplespots.com.ar Fede

    Awesome sound, great graphics, great playing: Great game. Hope Pigmalion keep bringing us great products like this one.