Keri Racing is a Social RPG that Puts a New Spin on Farming

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Keri Racing
Developer: NEOWIZ Internet Corp.
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Keri RacingA little addicted to Farmville but looking for something different? Whether you’ve jumped on the social networking role-playing game bandwagon or not, Keri Racing is a new option worth checking out simply for its added elements. Keri Racing is a combination of role-playing as a farmer/rancher and racing. The story line is a bit weird to be sure, but not in a bad way – it’s kind of like being a thoroughbred rancher or farmer only you’re raising mythical racing birds.

Keri Racing has two central aspects – farming and racing. Of course they’re linked together through gameplay, but they remain two separate elements. Players are challenged to build and run a successful farm as well as to raise “keris.” A keri is an imaginary bird that can be ridden like an ostrich and is a bit reminiscent of Kevin from the Disney-Pixar film UP. In order to raise a keri, players must build a farm that can accommodate the birds. 

The farming aspect of Keri Racing is pretty much like those familiar  farming app counterparts such as Farmville, Zombie Farm and Smurf’s Village. You plant a plot, grow a crop, collect the crop and then use it to advance the game by turning it into something else.

Keri Racing also combines other role-playing elements such as building businesses to increase wealth and productivity. Once you’ve raised a bird and fed it, you can begin to equip it with accessories and race it for additional experience points. The biggest focus being on hatching and raising a champion racing bird.

Keri Racing has the social networking element as well – if you are looking for an item, you can choose to buy it or request it from other Keri Racing players. You can also choose to race against others in real time – provided you have either a 3 or 4G or wifi Internet connection. Earn experience points for leveling up, earn feathers for buying needed items and work towards growing your farm and training your keri to be a racing champ. How you go about it is up to you.

Though there is a lot of familiarity with Keri Racing, it offers some new elements that haven’t really been seen before. The ability to interact with friends for more than just trading or gifting items also ups the replay value.

Keri Racing isn’t completely perfect. For instance, some of the text is difficult to read on the small iPhone screen and on occasion it has difficulty recognizing an internet connection. But glitches aside, Keri Racing is a unique and actually enjoyable take on the same RPG style social network games that so many people have come to know and love.

The best part is, Keri Racing is free – so go ahead and download and take your very own “keri” out for a spin. You’ve nothing to lose — except for time.

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