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Buddyman: Kick HD (by Kick the Buddy) (AppStore Link)
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Buddyman: Kick HD (by Kick the Buddy)
Developer: Crazylion Studios Limited
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kick the buddy no mercyWhen you need to take out a bit of aggression, you can’t do better than the virtual aggression of Kick the Buddy: No Mercy. The (apparently) long awaited sequel to its predecessors Kick the Buddy, Kick the Buddy: Second Kick and others, Kick the Buddy: No Mercy features the return of Buddy in new HD environments where your aggressive stress release is limited only by your imagination (and the taunts and devices made available to you). Kick the Buddy: No Mercy has some pretty wild tricks up its arsenal sleeve – from a hoards of bees and hand grenades to roach spray and alien blasters.

Though the original premise of harmless stress relief is alive and well with Kick the Buddy: No Mercy, this version features little mini missions to liven things up. Whether you’re trying to electrocute Buddy in a toaster or stick him with office supplies, each completed set of challenges wins extra cash that can be used to buy other items or buy Buddy a new “box” to play in. Whatever you do, don’t get too attached to Buddy – he may be invincible, but he doesn’t always die well.

Kick the Buddy: No Mercy may be a bit sadistic, but the comical undertones of Buddy’s commentary help to keep things light. The general premise is to explode, beat or otherwise taunt and torture buddy to the point of K.O. Though Buddy always comes back for more, Kick the Buddy: No Mercy isn’t for the faint of heart, but it really is all in fun. With features like changing Buddy’s face to one from your camera role, changing his innards from ketchup to ink, and using multi-touch to stretch him to the limit, it’s hard not to have a little fun. And the best part is Buddy’s running commentary and snide remarks.

In addition to the general concept of virtual stress relief and the sidebar comedy, Kick the Buddy: No Mercy displays a bit of creativity with its arsenal of weapon choices. “Stuff” included with this version fall into categories like firearms, cold weapons, explosives, objects, foods, liquids, machines, animals, power of gods and more. This means there’s stress and aggression release options for everyone! If you’re not into firearms and explosives, then perhaps vampire bats and tornados are more your style. Kick the Buddy: No Mercy features a pretty wide array of torturous demises for your little rag doll buddy.

Kick the Buddy: No Mercy certainly isn’t for everyone, but for a fun way to relieve some stress it’s an app that brings a tremendous amount of entertainment to the table – even if it is of a slightly barbaric kind. Does liking Kick the Buddy: No Mercy mean you’re sick and twisted? Probably not, but blow Buddy up enough times and he will certainly try to convince you otherwise.

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