Kickin Momma Kicks a Bit of Peg-Busting Butt

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Kickin MommaA “New & Noteworthy” title in the App Store, Kickin Momma from Hothead Games (the creators of Death Spank for Xbox and Kard Combat for iPhone) is definitely a winner. A peg-busting, pinball-esque game that is reminiscent of Pop Cap’s Peggle, but with its own brand of game action, Kickin Momma is a delightful casual game suitable for all ages.

Kickin Momma is a game based on an absurd and quirky story line about a momma monster who wants a jeweled necklace, but doesn’t have the monster funds to get one. So she does what any monster momma would do – boots her monster babies into the gem quarries to get her the goods. As a momma who has to punt her own offspring into the back yard to mow and clean the pool, the story line may not be as absurd as all that. Nonetheless, the player’s objective is to help momma get in enough well-placed kicks to collect the gems necessary to advance to the next level.

Featuring 36 levels spanning three worlds, Kickin Momma has plenty of challenging changeups. With a variety of different pegs including rocks, ice, score multipliers, and explosives, each level presents a different and unique gem-collecting challenge. The controls are extremely simplistic, simply touch and drag to align the kicking angle and tap “kick” to punt the mini-monsters off the cliff’s edge. A well-placed kick can earn players maximum points and game kudos of “wicked super nice score.” Some levels require players to collect all the gems while others only require five or six to advance. Of course, collecting them all and earning gold medals is a constant objective.

Gameplay is forgiving and nearly every level offers plenty of opportunities to tee up and meet the gem objective. Coincidentally, hitting the gems isn’t quite enough as they must fall to the bottom of the screen and sucked up by the monster shop vac to count. Every peg that is hit during a single turn will disappear at the end of the turn with the exception of a few “special” pegs that present different challenges.

Kickin Momma is casual, fun and offers replay value through medal achievements and high scoring records. As a bonus, players can earn accessories to customize momma’s appearance — though this feature neither adds nor subtracts from gameplay. Simply put, Kickin Momma is delightfully addictive game that subtly combines bits of arcade golf, pinball, physics, and brick breaking fun into one game. Available in both Standard and High Definition, the SD version for older iPhones is just .99 and HD and iPad versions are $1.99.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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