Kids Allowance App Motivates Children by Tracking Rewards

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

kids allowance and rewards iphone appCategorized as a finance app, Kids Allowance (formerly Kids Allowance and Rewards) could also fall into the category of productivity because when it comes to kids, a reward system is one of the best motivators. Kids Allowance by Gedgers helps parents with kids of any age to set up individual “accounts” for tracking allowance and reward points. There are several features in Kids Allowance that create a well-rounded app that parents will find easy to use and kids will easily understand.

With Kids Allowance, users simply create an account for each child and opt to set default allowance pay-ins to occur automatically or manually enter the information as the allowance is earned. Additionally, users can enter reward points, tagging them with specific events. The reward points tracker is really part of what I like about Kids Allowance. You can assign whatever tag and reward amount you like and the app keeps track as the points are earned and “redeemed” for reward. I see great potential for use of this app across several arenas, but the good news is, no matter how you choose to use it, it is user-friendly enough for most any scenario.

Upon launching the Kids Allowance app for the first time there are no accounts, as you have to create them. The user-interface is pretty straight forward, but there are basic instructions included within the “info” tab at the bottom of the screen. After you add each account, you can set up a direct-deposit in a sense by the default allowance function or manually input your own information. There is enough flexibility that Kids Allowance should work well for most any family situation.

Once the accounts are created, the main page will provide each account’s basic account information at a glance, which means it’s easy for kids to see their standings. Clicking on an individual account allows users to enter or change information. Using Kids Allowance for more than one child may even inspire some competitive creativity. Parents can quickly see how much money they owe their child, can input “pay-out” information when their child collects, and can also track reward points for any other system they may be using. The reward tracker is very much like a sophisticated and high-tech version of a sticker chart.

While Kids Allowance was obviously developed for use by parents, I believe it could be useful for teachers as well. I’ve seen teachers use both a “money” system and a point system to encourage productivity and good behavior and both could be easily tracked with this app. I am not sure if there is a limit to the number of accounts you can add, but I was able to add 10 and didn’t get the impression it was overloading. I haven’t yet figured out how to delete accounts, which would obviously be necessary for a teacher, but I’ve emailed support this question.

As an allowance and reward tracker, Kids Allowance fits the bill quite nicely. There are even a few updates in the works to improve performance, including the ability to assign descriptions to deposits and withdraws. As it stands, Kids Allowance is a solid tool for both parents and kids with possibilities that are essentially up to the user to create. It also serves as a great introduction for kids to finance applications and budget trackers. Check out the demo video below.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • 安吉

    [iPhone app] (小孩的零用錢賞罰,如果可以來個母親節大放送就好了~目前$2.99)"Motivate Kids with Kids Allowance and Rewards | AppCraver" ( )

  • Chris Baxter

    Hi Jennifer

    We've been having a few issues with our support email. However thanks for the great review. In answer to your question an account can be deleted by the usual left to right swipe gesture on the front account list view. This will show the delete button . If you click this the account and all associated activities and transactions will be deleted.

    Hope this helps

  • Ian Tucker

    Hi Guys
    Is there a way of matching rewards with a allowance payment? I cannot see that in the app if there is!
    My daughter has certain chores to complete each week to get her allowance. If at the end of the week she has accumul ated her reward points she gets her full allowance . . . and if she has exceeded her allowance level there is a bonus payment at a rate of $1 for every 25 points.
    At the moment I am doing the calculations manually and adjusting the account. It would be great if there was a default level of points = allowance payment and then a bonus rate built in! + + + a pro rata payment if the award points did not match the required level for the full allowance.
    Many thanks

  • Nic

    "when it comes to kids, a reward system is one of the best motivators"

    Thank you for the useful and thorough review, which I very much appreciate, but I must take issue with this one sentence which is simply false and has been disproven over and over and over again, often by people actually researching how to make a failing reward system "work" which always leads to the realization that the problem is that reward systems are always and inherently demotivators, not motivators. The only thing you can gain from a reward system is short-term obedience. Study after study after study has shown conclusively that when children "perform" for rewards, they perform at lower levels than when they act from intrinsic desire and interest and that learning is greatly hampered by reward systems, information being stored in short term memory and discarded as soon as the reward is received.

  • Scott

    I just love it when someone refers to the "conclusive" results of "study after study" and yet does not provide the name of even one of these studies.