Kids Mosaic HD Challenges Your Child to Recreate Shapes and Patterns Using Blocks

Mosaic Tiles - Art Puzzle Game for Schools by A+ Kids Apps & Educational Games (AppStore Link)
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Mosaic Tiles - Art Puzzle Game for Schools by A+ Kids Apps & Educational Games
Developer: A+ Kids Apps & Educational Games, LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Kids Mosaic HDKids Mosaic HD is an educational game that focuses on increasing your child’s memory, fine motor skills, and ability to recognize patterns and shapes.

If you are searching for an iOS app that will challenge, as well as entertain, your child then Kids Mosaic HD is for you. The educational app has a simple premise that will keep children engaged.

Kids Mosaic HD offers various shapes and patterns that your child must recreate using colored blocks. The app will show a thumbnail photo of a shape that must be created, and your child has to pull blocks across the screen to recreate the shape.

The app offers 40 different shapes and patterns to be recreated. They range from simple squares, triangles and straight lines to complicated shapes such as trees, flowers, bees and ghosts. The Kids Mosaic HD app also promises more shapes ‘coming soon’, but your child should be entertained with the fun and interesting shapes it already has. 

The Kids Mosaic HD app offers two modes: Adventure and Free Mode. The Adventure Mode is what we just described, where your child must recreate shapes. The Free Mode allows your child to create any shape and use any color that they would like.

The Kids Mosaic HD app is simple, challenging and fun. The developers at Arsidian LLC recommend that the app be used by children four years and older. I had my 14 month old daughter try and use the app and even though it was far too advanced for her to use on her own, she was able to benefit from using it.

My daughter was able to move the blocks back and forth with her index finger, and even though she wasn’t able to recreate shapes I could tell her fine motor skills were being challenged. I agree with the developer’s age recommendations for Kids Mosaic HD, but younger children can find ways to benefit from using the app, even if it’s something as small as becoming more familiar with an iPad or iPhone.

The Kids Mosaic HD app also allows you to take a picture of the masterpiece your child may have created and saves to your camera roll. I am one of those parents that posts everything my child does on to various social media platforms, so being able to take a picture is a nice feature to have.

Overall I loved the Kids Mosaic HD app, and thought it was engaging and fun. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an app that will entertain and challenge their children.

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