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Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks
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kindle for iPhoneAmazon's Kindle has revolutionized how many people approach reading. The iPhone has done the same for mobile phones. Combine the two and you have your favorite mobile apps and books all in one device.

The strength of the Kindle for iPhone is the access it provides to Amazon's vast online store of ebooks. The best part is that you can be on your computer surfing the Amazon site, buy a book, and it is automatically synced to your iPhone. If you have a Kindle, the relationship is even better. Books purchased can be accessed and synced between both devices.

Reading on the iPhone is a pleasant experience. From the home screen is a list of the books you have downloaded. There are five font choices for the text, with the default probably being large enough for most readers. But you can go two larger or two smaller depending on your preference. Turning the page is just a swipe of the finger. You can also "bookmark" your page by tapping on a plus sign on the lower menu bar. A virtual page corner is turned on the screen. When re-starting Kindle for iPhone you will be taken to this page.

Probably the only downside is that browsing for new books to buy can not be done from inside the app. There is a link that takes you to the Amazon Kindle store, but it is a bit of a pain to browse on the iPhone. However, buying books from the Amazon Kindle store is a great experience. By using your Amazon account and linking it to your iPhone, with just a couple of clicks the book appears inside the Kindle app. Some users on the Kindle iTunes page reported problems in syncing the bookmarked page and other issues between their Kindles and iPhones. As this is version 1.0 hopefully the developers can get to the bottom of some of the bugs. The vision of the Kindle for iPhone app is outstanding and should continue to develop.

There are several other good ebook readers on the iPhone, but none offer the selection of books available through Amazon. Combine this also with a Kindle and you are in mobile reading heaven.

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  • Allen

    If you are a book lover, then you should check out Wattpad on the app store. Wattpad is a popular ebook sharing community. It has a lot of free public domain and user submitted ebooks.

  • Yagami Light

    Kindle is great for the iPod Touch. Having experienced a Kindle device in person, I can honestly say that the iPod is actually better than the Kindle is.

    A big plus is the fact that color images can be shown, and that the iPod/iPhone has a backlight (the lack of a backlight on the Kindle pretty makes it useless.)

  • Shawn Leonard

    I'm enjoying the Kindle for iPhone application.

    In future iterations of this application, I'd like to see two things specifically. One, a landscape viewing option. Two, a "tap to define" tool built in replicating the Kindle's built in Oxnard Dictionary.

    I'm sure it's coming though...

  • exNewt

    I have really enjoyed this on the iPhone - read Steven King's "UR" first - of course.
    My biggest complain is the full (left & right) justification of text; makes reading a bit harder as sometimes it is so forced (i.e. big spaces between words sometimes that vary a lot).