Work Your Windows Desktop with KineticExtend

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

kineticextend app for kineticdKineticExtend is a solid remote desktop solution for those who want to access a Mac or PC from an iOS device. Just like the name implies it is an extension of the KineticD backup service that is popular with small businesses.

Like most remote desktop apps for iPad, trying to work on a desktop operating system from an iPad is clunky at best. Yet that doesn't mean KineticExtend is without value. For those who are prone to forgetting a file or need to look up some document when away from the office, this can be a life-saving resource.

The KineticD software also backs up files to the company's servers, safeguarding them in case your computer catches fire or has some other catastrophe. Accessing your documents through the KineticD company web site is not as smooth as other cloud-based applications, but it does a good job of getting everything there safely. The software runs in the background without any major drainage on your system resources, which can not be said of all backup solutions.

Another perk: a member of the KineticExtend team gives you a phone call after creating an account to ensure everything went smoothly. It is a nice touch that is lacking in many app makers and companies.

Connecting to your desktop remotely works very well, though interacting with a Windows machine on an iPad is challenging at best. There is usually a delay between tapping on an icon and waiting for a reaction. Also, the remote desktop features of KineticExtend only work on the professional version of Windows 7; Home Premium users are out of luck.

While KineticExtend excels at backup, it does not offer the flexibility in being able to quickly open and edit your docs from an iPad that SugarSync, Dropbox, Google Docs or related apps do. Those who want lightweight, cloud-based storage and productivity options may want to lose at different solutions. But for a small business or those with more substantial backup needs, KineticExtend is worth exploring.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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