King's Orders: Savages - Chapter One is Funny and Addictive

King's Orders: Savages - Chapter One (AppStore Link)
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King's Orders: Savages - Chapter One
Developer: Falling Objects Entertainment LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Kings Orders Game for iPhone has attitudeIf you enjoy games use your iPad’s tilt feature then King’s Orders: Savages - Chapter One is a game worth downloading.

The object of the game is simple: Keep the savage beast (Who, in my opinion could be a crazy cousin to Street Fighter’s Blanka) contained within the circle of 15 knights. Using simple tilt controls, move the men around the screen as the monster desperately tries to get away. Be warned, if he gets a hold of one of your knights, he’s gonna eat’em!

This game is too funny.

Gameplay in King's Orders starts off with a short dialogue between a king and his knights who spots the monster in the distance. The king tells them he’s going to get a cage and orders them to contain the savage. (Who hasn't had that boss?)

You’ve got 15 soldiers to make this happen, and each round is five seconds longer than the last.

There is a 3-second dialogue between each level where the king comes off with a zinger or two before wandering off to get another cage. Each time the king issues new "orders," you see the knights' expressions get funnier and funnier. I couldn't help but think about King of the Hill when I looked at the expressions on the men’s faces. You could tell they were thinking, "Is he for real?"

If you successfully contain the savage, you level up and face different challenges. Meanwhile, the beast tries different maneuvers such as jumping into a hole and popping back up at one of your knights, turning into a giant, to going completely invisible. Either way the goal is still the same: Contain the savage.

With three levels of difficulty to choose from, King's Order: Savages - Chapter One is a great way to pass time and get a good laugh.

Addictive? Yes. There’s just something about playing "keep away" with a savage that has you wanting to make it to that next level.  Another cool feature is that the high score is saved, which makes playing with friends even better as they try to top the highest score.  You can also check the leaderboards and see where you stand with others.

King's Order: Savages - Chapter One Game Trailer

I'm not sure what's funnier, trying to contain the savage beast or the King's dialogue. This is a game you're bound to enjoy right down to the quirky music playing in the background. Yorkville Games, Inc.  knows how to make you laugh and keep you playing.  It's simple, easy to use, and for the price is worth a download.

Yorkville Games is hosting a challenge with a $200 iTunes giveaway. Check out their Facebook page for details.

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