Kitty Kannon: Ready, Aim, Meow!

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kitty kannon iphoneBefore I write this review, I just need to let you know: I'm not sure whether Kitty Kannon by Stix&Stones is intended for cat lovers or cat haters. And this is, obviously, very important information! Because on one hand, there's a cute kitty! It meows! Perfect for cat lovers!

On the other hand: Kitty Kannon, in case you couldn't guess from its title, centers around shooting a cat out of a cannon. Hmm. Hooray for cat haters?

OK, maybe it doesn't matter. Love cats or hate 'em, gameplay in Kitty Kannon is incredibly simple; it's a launching game similar to Cannon Challenge or Crazy Penguin Catapult. Tilt your iPhone to angle the cannon, then simply flick your finger quickly across the screen to fire. After that, the results are pretty much out of your hands. Your kitty will sail along for a while and then start to come down. If you get lucky, as he comes down, he'll either hit a bomb (which you'd think would be a bad thing, but actually propels him along further) or a springboard, which bounces him back into the air.

Beware, though, kitty shooters: Kitty Kannon also has several CATastrophes (ha!) such as sharp knitting needles (your cat gets impaled and gushes blood, creepy!) and extremely hungry dogs who swallow your kitty ammo whole, both of which, obviously, end your turn. (Both of which are also more reasons I have for wondering if Kitty Kannon's kreators [aren't I klever?] are secretly wildly anti-feline.)

After each kitty-shooting, you have the option to upload your score to the Internet and to compare your high score to others in your city, state, country, or around the world. (I currently have the highest score in my city!) There's a quick registration process to share your scores, but it's simple enough, and you only have to enter your information one time.

Overall, Kitty Kannon is a decent game. It's very stable, the graphics are cute, and it's very easy to figure out. Possibly a little too easy (it'd be nice if you could have more control over your kitty once he'd been fired from the cannon, perhaps by tilting the iPhone), which is why it might be better-suited for kids, but regardless, it's a fun way to kill some time. And, if you're a cat-hater, to kill some kitties. (The horror!)

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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