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Knot Guide (100+ knots) (AppStore Link)
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Knot Guide (100+ knots)
Developer: Winkpass Creations, Inc.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

knot guide for iPhoneKnot Guide — Knots are a lot like people: Some are stable; others are tight when everyone else is loose; and some always can be relied on in a hitch or a pinch. Some can even be handsome, although only a knot connoisseur probably thinks so.

Years ago, I earned a knot tying merit badge in Boy Scouts, and I’m still able to tell the difference between a reef knot and a square knot from a mile away. But I have to say, Knot Guide, from developer Winkpass Creations, taught me more in an hour about knots and their uses than I ever learned back when I was in short pants.

Knot Guide is organized into 13 knot categories (bends, binding knots, loops, hitches and so forth). There are 68 knots (57 of them are unique). In case you think I wasn’t paying attention, I know now that a reef knot and a square knot are identical.

The problem with learning how to tie knots, aside from a shortage of rope, is that it’s often difficult to see and understand how to tie a specific knot. You may have to watch the knot being tied dozens of times before you can replicate it without help.

Knot Guide is like a patient teacher, who doesn’t mind telling you why you might use one knot over another and then showing you over and over how to tie it until you’ve committed it to memory. You have the option of saving a knot as a favorite too.

Knot Guide is a paid app, which the occasional user might balk at. I’m cool with the price. It’s short money for the amount of fun and memories Knot Guide has already brought me. Besides, you never know: If I ever make it onto to the Survivor TV show and I need to lash two poles together, I’ll  know that I need to use the round lashing knot and maybe the square lashing knot.

To sum up, Knot Guide is easy on the eyes and practical. The color photos showing knot-tying  are clear and well composed. Of the two similar apps that I’ve seen, this is the better (and more expensive) of the two. However, a few how-to videos would be my recommendation for an upgrade.

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