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Knot Time
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knot time iphone guideKnot Time, from Dustin Thomas, is a simple app consisting of video demonstrations of how to tie commonly used knots. The knots are organized into four categories (general, boating, mountaineering and fishing) comprising 28 knots.

In Knot Time you select a category using a scroll wheel, followed by a second wheel to select the knot you're about to tie. For example, select Fishing, from wheel one, and tap the "Go to knots" button at the bottom of the screen.

There's a paragraph of text that accompanies the four primary categories within Knot Time. The text states the obvious and isn't particularly illuminating. For example, select Fishing, and you'll get a bit of text that says something like "these are knots that are good to know if you are going to be fishing."

Tap the second wheel to select a knot, say, Double Surgeon's Knot, followed by the "Let's see how it's done" button" at the bottom of the screen.

Up comes a show-and-tell video that clearly demonstrates how to tie the knot and the narrator makes it easy to understand how to do it and the knot's purpose. The videos are straightforward and shot from over head. Unfortunately the audio in every demonstration is distorted — not so much you can't understand it — but distorted enough to affect Knot Time's overall quality.

Knot Time is more of an e-Book with video, than a true app, in my estimation. Despite its audio shortcomings, I liked watching the videos. I earned a knot-tying badge when I was a Boy Scout and Knot Time brought back fond and forgotten memories. It's worth it to me just for that.

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