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Developer: Josh Snyder
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Knots is like Twister for your fingers. Colored dots pop up on the screen and you hold a finger until told to release and stop on another dot. And, just like the original Twister, the longer knots goes on the more twisted you become and the more fun you have.

The only problem is that currently, it's hard to make the game last. Knots is a 1.0 release that still has a few bugs to work out. The touchpad is overly sensitive, so rocking your finger — not actually lifting your finger — will sometimes result in a sad-faced ending to the game. And, at times the game freezes which also results in an early end.

However, even with these bugs, Knots is addictively fun. Single player mode is challenging and two player mode is even better, but more often results in the game freezing.

Knots is very simple and anyone that has played Twister will catch on pretty quickly. But the game doesn't include instructions so read on for a few quick primer of the rules.

— Start by choosing between 3 difficulty levels and either single or two player mode.
— The game begins with a single colored dot on the screen or two dots of different colors for two-player mode. Place your finger on the dot and hold. Do NOT tap. Keep your finger on the dot until told to release.
— Another dot will appear. Hold this dot too.
— One of your dots will radiate outward with pulsating rings. Let go of this dot.
— A new dot will appear. Hold this dot.
— Repeat the above steps until someone loses.

For a free game, Knots has a lot to offer. It's fun, quick to learn, easy to play and much like Twister a good ice breaker. Hopefully, future updates will fix the bugs. Because once knots is more stable it just might make it into the AppCraver Hall of Fame.

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  • Cloudpysch3

    I keep losing the game. It won't always recognize my finger and I have to move my finger around. SOMETIMES that works. . . other times it just says play again.