KnottyCase Produces Stylish iPhone Cases with Sustainable Practices


KnottyCase for iPhoneThe iPhone has become a fashion icon within the tech industry. Its simplistic design is what makes it so stylish. This smartphone is not the loud, in your face design begging for attention, rather, it's the most admired piece of technology on the block that has a calm sense of self and exudes what it is to be fashionable without stating that it is. That's why I tend to rock the naked iPhone ... bare, vulnerable and exposed for its beauty.

Recently, I found an iPhone case worthy of protecting it while also showing off its own style. Created by Canadian brothers Joey and Josh Hundert, KnottyCase not only produces gorgeous hand-crafted, salvaged wood iPhone cases, but also uses sustainable practices to help give back what they use and then some.

The Hundert brothers started out making an all wood iPhone case, but quickly found that their bamboo, walnut and cherry offerings started to show design flaws in the expansion and contraction of the wood based on varying humidity. Luckily for us, they brought their manufacturing back to their home country and came up with a polymer and wood combination that offers the beauty of the wood as well as the strength and flexibility of polymer-based materials.

The salvaged wood comes from Northern California, which is also the home of the Redwood Forest. The brothers have partnered with Save The Redwoods League, who go out and replant Redwood groves to help offset the impact of the wood cases. 

As for the actual function of the case, the KnottyCase comes in two pieces that slip onto the iPhone with ease. There are no latches or connectors as the design is so precise that once the case is on it stays in place with no problems. Also, and this is genius, the case features indented areas around the sleep button and volume controls so when you're holding the phone you can easily reach the buttons with your finger. This minor detail makes the case an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a solidly built and functional case. Add in the hand-crafted, salvaged wood aspect and KnottyCase iPhone cases are a must have.

And for those of you who have upgraded to the iPhone 5, KnottyCase is coming out with a compatible case soon. In fact, plans for iPad cases and Android phones such as HTC and Samsung Galaxy III are in planning mode.

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