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Trivia: Knowledge Trainer (AppStore Link)
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Trivia: Knowledge Trainer
Developer: the binary family GmbH
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

knowledge trainer app for ipadKnowledge Trainer is like challenging yourself to a round of Jeopardy. The app quizzes you on various topics with the goal of improving your knowledge base.

Knowledge Trainer's subject matter covers a diverse group, such as history, film, science, sports, social science, arts and letters, and geography. Questions are grouped into a series of lessons, with each lesson challenging the player with 10 questions from each of the 10 different categories.

Answering a question correctly raises your "KQ." The better your performance, the more demanding the questions. For any you misstep, you have the opportunity of going back and answering them correctly if you want to learn that information, though it will not boost your score.

Personal statistics track your stronger and weaker areas by listing what percentage of questions are correct in each of the different categories. Statistics are also available by state, so if you want to compare how California is doing against, say, Massachusetts then go for it.

The questions throughout Knowledge Trainer are quite diverse, such as knowing which country the Battle of Waterloo took place as well as naming actors in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Those with strong knowledge of pop culture, history and science will probably do fairly well. Also, Knowledge Trainer has a separate section with over 100 Apple trivia questions for those Macheads who want to test their devotion to all things Apple.

Unfortunately Knowledge Trainer does not have any true social features built in, so there is no sharing your conquests with Facebook friends or challenging somebody to an intellectual duel. The graphics are decent, while the music reminds you of being on a quiz show. Knowledge Trainer is a universal app, so gameplay works well on either an iPhone or iPad (however it only plays in portrait mode on an iPad). The game performed well without any crashes or hiccups. It just needs some additional multi-player options to make it more appealing.

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