kobeFit - Personal Fitness Manager Will Keep You on Track


kobefit-iphone-fitnesskobeFit — They say variety is the spice of life and this is especially true when it comes to fitness. Not only will varying your routines keep you motivated, but it's also a beneficial training technique. But how do you keep track of your different routines? And, how do you keep on schedule when you crawl into the gym at 6 a.m.?

kobeFit is a personal fitness manager for the iPhone and iPod touch that is designed to easily keep your workout schedule on track. Because kobeFit aims to manage your fitness life, the initial set up will take some time.

If you plan on tracking your goals, you should start with your basic stats. Visit the Progress tab where you can enter your height, age and name. Then use the "track a new body area" button to really get personal. You can enter up to 12 different body areas to track such as weight or waist measurements. You can also snap a quick pic and track your progress in a photo journal.

Where kobeFit really shines is in its ability to manage workout routines. First browse the Plan > Exercise tab to get a feel for what's available. Most exercises (excluding sports) have a description that includes information about its specific benefits. Then,  from the Plan > Routine tab you can create a variety of workout plans using any combination of exercises. Each plan can be named and put on a schedule so that you know when it's time to repeat that routine.

Now, each time you sign into the app kobeFit will greet you with the scheduled routine for the day. Just tap the green start button to begin your workout. As you complete each exercise, kobeFit will track what you've done so that you can access the information later. If you've set goals, then you will also be rewarded as you achieve milestones along your fitness journey.

Once it's set up, kobeFit puts your workout routine on autopilot. If you're serious about tacking your workout routine with a minimum of fuss, kobeFit is a good place to start.

My only real complaint is that, while app is well-designed and easy to use, but the $6.99 price tag is a bit high. For an app with a premium price tag, I'd like to see a few more features such as the ability to get an email reminder if I miss more than a certain number of scheduled workouts or the ability to track calories burned (assuming I've entered my height and weight).

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  • Argelius

    Can anyone comment on how frequently the app is updated? I wish the App Store would include this information, since it helps give a sense that the app is under active development, as opposed to being one amongst the gazillion apps that have been abandoned by their developers.