Koi Pond: Find Zen Bliss With Relaxing Pool of Virtual Fish

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Koi Pond
Developer: Brandon Bogle
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

The intrepid Blimp Pilots development shop just released Koi Pond 2.0 with a variety of new features. The 1.0 version was great; the 2.0 version adds a variety of improvements to the Zen experience that is Koi Pond - movable lily pads, 3D sound, the ability to feed your fish (try shaking the phone), and finger nibbling (hold your finger still in the water and see what happens).

For those of you who haven't seen our prior mentions of Koi Pond: Koi Pond is an application that mimics a pond filled with Koi fish. You can move your finger around the screen to create ripples in the water that send the fish scurrying for safety off the screen.

Koi Pond remains the best app on the market to show off the graphics and touch-screen capabilities of the iPhone. While a relatively simple app, we give it a 9/10.

Image Gallery: Koi Pond

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