Konstroo This! Lacks for Challenging Words

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

KonstrooThis! from All of Zero is a simple word game in two parts. In the first part, you decipher three jumbled words in one of three categories: Easy (three and four letter words), Standard (three, four and five letter words) Difficult (five letter words) and More Difficult (six letter words).

Once you've solved the three words in part one of Konstroo This, you go on to part two where you're asked to formulate new words using the same letters.

Proficient word puzzlers won't find Konstroo This particularly challenging and the novelty is bound to wear off quickly for every one else.

I played the free, ad-supported version of Konstroo This and I can't recall last time I played an ad-supported app where so many ads were jammed into my face with such frequency and quantity. At one point, there were five ads on the screen, all the same, one stacked on top of each other. I hope that was a bug.

Try the free version first and if you really like it, then go ahead try the non-ad-supported version of Konstroo This if you must. If you're a decent Scrabble or other word game player, not even the paid version will be enough to challenge you or sharpen your unscrambling skills.

The developer does not say whether the free and paid  versions use the same dictionaries, but I found the same words popping up in the free version. "Silent" and "timber" seemed to be the most common.

In the plus column, the interface works well and it's easy to rearrange letters.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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