Kroll takes iPhone Graphics to Another Level


kroll iphone appKroll, created by Spanish game developer Digital Legends Entertainment brings a game full of myth and magic to the iPhone. Kroll is an action-packed arcade game set in an ancient world in which the player has to accumulate magic by killing enemies. With nine levels and three difficulty modes it offers a certain amount of variety and with the use of the accelometer as well as the touch screen, it fits the iPhone format very well. Kroll is basically a simple hack-n-slash and it therefore might fall short of having good replay value and the challenging quality expected in a game of this price. But whatever the replay value is, the graphics of Kroll are extremely impressive and Digital Legends Entertainment can pat themselves on the back for delivering such an advanced 3-D look to this device. Furthermore the Kroll website offers comprehensive and attractive information on the game. Kroll is great fun for anyone looking for a simple action game and although the fighting moves are slightly limited and there is room for improvement, it is entertaining and truly awesome to look at.

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