Lamp Off a Turn On for Puzzle Fans Only

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

lamp off iphoneLamp Off is a simple app that provides a true challenge for those who like to solve puzzles. This $2.99 puzzle app is on sales for $0.99 for a limited time and consists of a 5x5 grid of “bulbs,” which are either on (yellow) or off (black). The object is to turn all the bulbs in the grid off in the fewest moves possible. The challenge is in the selection of bulbs to tap. Tapping a bulb toggles four other bulbs surrounding it. If a surrounding bulb is on, it will turn off, but if a surrounding bulb is off, it will turn on.

There is nothing outstanding in the way of graphics, but the premise is so simple, they needn’t be stellar. Lamp Off is also absent of any sound effects with the exception of the random fairy lounging next to the grid periodically fluttering her wings, giggling and rippling the water beneath her. The only obvious reason for her presence is to help you solve the puzzle, a feature available under “options,” should you decide to give up. This option will prove valuable to those who are easily stumped by the concept.

As you solve each puzzle, Lamp Off will increase the difficulty by leveling up. The option to voluntarily change levels also exists, along with the option to choose a random level. A word of warning though, voluntarily leveling up without a solid grasp of the concept on level 1 will only frustrate most users to the point of giving up, rendering Lamp Off useless overall.

For true puzzle fans, Lamp Off will prove a challenging addition to the iPhone/iPod Touch. If you prefer random and unpredictable games or do not like to think your way to a puzzle solution, best leave Lamp Off alone. But if you enjoy a good methodical mind-bender, give Lamp Off a try and see how far you can go.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • damooz

    It is indeed fun and challenging, just like the review stated. First few levels are pretty easy and the level of difficulty curves up quickly. It took me a while to get past level 5 and there are 53 levels in this game to look forward to - I know what my daily train ride will be like now.

    A few nice to haves:

    - Add an undo button to retract the move you just made. The reset button would bring you all the way back to the beginning. What we also need is to back out a single move.
    - A hint button. The Resolve button now solves the game all the way to the end. What would be also useful is a "next move" hint so I can keep playing.

    Overall, this game is a lot of fun for puzzle lovers.