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share: 2.0 update- last fmThe free music streaming and discovery app Last.FM (reviewed on AppCraver in early September) just got better. The recently released update for Last.FM offers great improvements to user-friendliness and design, making it more comprehensive and less confusing to use.

The main menu on Last.FM for example now separates the streaming radio feature and the social networking functions for easier navigation.  Furthermore, the Now Playing mode has been improved a lot, allowing the user to now see album artwork very clearly and providing a volume bar at the bottom of the screen. Any song can now also be shared with personal contacts or Last.FM friends through a menu that further allows you to tag a song, add it to the playlist or to buy it on iTunes.

Another improvement is the audio quality, making long buffering delays and dropouts, that sometimes occurred in the initial version, a thing of the past.

What still sets Last.FM apart from other similar apps like Pandora, is the ability to see which artists are on tour. Tapping the red On Tour button takes the user directly to the calendar with tour dates highlighted. One tap on the date shows location and time of the show. Heaven for any live music lover. With the 2.0 update this app gained user-friendliness and overall awesomeness and it will satisfy anyone looking for a personalized music discovery app.

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  • Neal H

    This was a much needed update, Last.FM is a great app and the new tour feature is definately a highlight. I also enjoy the artist bio.