Laundry Pro Helps Sort Your Laundry

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

I’ll find any excuse not to do the laundry, so Laundry Pro isn’t going to live on my iPhone for very long. Whenever my wife calls me “Honey,” I run because it’s a sure sign there’s work to be done. Even so, Jamasan Software's app will be useful to anyone who isn’t as lazy and careless as I am.

Those tags with all the little symbols you find attached to your apparel, linens and so on, actually serve a purpose. The problem is in trying to decode them. What does a circle or triangle actually mean anyway? Does that symbol of the hand in what looks like a tub of water mean if you stick your hand in a washing machine while it’s going, it will rip your arm off?  Actually, it means you should hand wash the garment in warm water.

That’s what Laundry Pro does: It decodes the many symbols used by the North American and European makers of apparel, linens and other material. Tap the symbol on say, the triangle with an X through it and you’ll find it means “Do not bleach,” followed by a warning the garment is not colorfast and you shouldn’t use bleach in the load.

There are explanations for the symbols commonly used for washing, drying and ironing. Each of the three categories also contain tips for all the steps. Tap the "Washing Tips" button at the bottom of each screen and you get something like this "To remove coffee or tea stains, presoak the item in detergent and bleach before washing. Use the water temperature given on the label.” There looks to be about a dozen of these tips in each category—they come up randomly, so I can’t be entirely sure how many each category has.

If you’re serious about doing your clothes and other materials justice, then Laundry Pro will sort it out for you. If it actually folded sheets, Laundry Pro would be on to something special.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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