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Learn French by Loquella
Developer: Loquella LLC
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learn french by loquellaWith the release of Learn French by Loquella, the series of language learning apps for iOS has grown to include a total of three language options. Like with their other apps, Loquella takes a methodical approach to language learning and introduces users to pronunciation, grammar and dialogue while helping learners to grasp meaning.

Learn French by Loquella provides guided pronunciation through imitation and pronunciation drills and demonstrates the scope of the language through visual and auditory examples of real dialogue. Loquella leaves out pictures, games and other nonsensical stunts and focuses on the basic building blocks of language. So while Learn French by Loquella may not be for those with short attention spans and minimal interest, it is a productive language instruction app for the serious-minded.

Learn French by Loquella is comprised of 12 comprehensive language lessons. The first lesson includes basic classroom and casual expressions and dialogue, an introduction to gender-based articles, pronouns and inversion questions. This lesson is free while the remaining 11 can be purchased separately for $2.99 each or bundled together in a complete package for $24.99. 

Comprehensive and consisting of over 2 hours of instruction on average, each lesson is designed to educate language learners on the basics as well as some of the more fundamental aspects of the French language.

Guided by clear-speaking recordings in both male and female voices, Learn French users can hear and repeat individual words and phrases for pronunciation practice. To help make connections between English and French, both versions of the word or phrase are spelled out for general language comprehension and reinforcement. This visual representation is helpful, but it also helps to hear the language being spoken in more than one vocal style.

Navigation between lessons is simple as the main menu button is always accessible from the lesson screen. Users can also scroll forward and backwards within a lesson or simply repeat a specific part of a lesson until it is mastered. Learn French by Loquella also keeps track of where you are within a given lesson so returning to it is easy and hassle free.

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn French, are planning an international trip to a French-speaking region or just need reinforcement or a refresher for your French language studies, Learn French by Loquella is a comprehensive language app that aims to help language learners excel at both pronunciation and comprehension. Learn French by Loquella is free to download and access to the first lesson is included so there’s no risk in trying Loquella.

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