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Learn Spanish by Loquella
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learn spanish by loquella ipadLoquella has a reputable language learning series available for iOS devices and the third installment, Learn Spanish by Loquella tackles the most popular foreign language in the US. Loquella’s methods are proven ones that guide serious language learners through multiple lessons on diction, grammar, language patterns and conversational tactics.

Available as a series of 63 lessons of approximately 30 to 60 minutes of instruction each, Learn Spanish by Loquella tackles language learning in a method approved by the Foreign Language Institute and organizes it in easy to follow lessons broken down into digestible segments.

Learn Spanish by Loquella presents words and phrases in both audio and visual formats. Users can hear the pronunciations as well as see the word of phrase. Each lesson displays a word or phrase in English, the same word or phrase in Spanish and provides the pronunciation as well. As you advance through the lessons, you are challenged to remember the phrase without the English equivalent as you repeat the pronunciation. There are no images or games to associate learning, making Learn Spanish by Loquella a language learning app for the serious Spanish student.

Learn Spanish by Loquella is delivered in a series of lessons, most of which have to be purchased separately. There is also an option to purchase an entire set of lessons for a slightly discounted, bulk price point. A fully functional website with support is also available to users at loquella.com.

In addition to providing a means to learn a foreign language, Learn Spanish by Loquella has the potential to be a terrific study tool for high school and college students studying Spanish. Coupled with a Spanish/English dictionary, almost any dedicated self-learner could master some language basics. Though there are no search options, thesaurus or dictionary built in, Learn Spanish by Loquella is not meant to be a language resource, but rather language instruction. Its methods are based on sentence structure, pronunciation and language drills. Each lesson focuses on specific grammar points and then provides example sentences or phrases to practice.

As with the other language apps in the series, Learn Spanish by Loquella tackles language instruction in straightforward manner based on reading, listening and repeating. Because of the method and design, it is not intended for younger children, though the free lessons may serve as an introduction to Spanish for middle school kids trying to decide on a high school language. For serious language learners, Learn Spanish by Loquella has greater potential and can be a standalone instructional resource as well as an ancillary resource to reinforce language study.

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