LED Basketball Scores Another Win for touchGrove

LED Basketball 78 (AppStore Link)
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LED Basketball 78
Developer: touchGrove, LLC
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led basketballiPhone application developer touchGrove had a big hit with LED Football and has followed up logically enough with LED Basketball. Featuring a butter-yellow case, 70s-style players complete with booty shorts and high socks, and an overall flawless reproduction of the original game, LED Basketball is a highly entertaining retro pleasure.

No one will ever mistake LED Football or LED Basketball for cutting-edge sports games - that's not the point. What these apps do best is conjure up memories of sitting in your basement as a kid playing what were at the time the most technically sophisticated handheld games you had ever seen. With one and two-player modes, and easy and hard settings, LED Basketball faithfully and perfectly mimics the look and gameplay of the original.

While I personally prefer LED Football, LED Basketball is a fantastic addition to touchGrove's portfolio of retro games and a must-have app for retro gamers.

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