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LED Football
Developer: touchGrove, LLC
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LED Football from iPhone application development shop TouchGrove is a fantastic recreation of the old hand-held football game from the 80's. The game looks absolutely identical to the original, and features the original sounds as well.

For those of you who didn't waste their youth on this game: the user controls a little red light that represents their player. The computer controls five red lights that represent the defense. The user must maneuver the red light around the defensive players to gain yardage (and eventually, touchdowns). If the user makes it all the way down the field, he gets 7 points. If he doesn't get his ten yards in four downs, the computer gets 7 points.

Pretty simple concept, but it's highly addictive and brings back memories for those of us in Generation X/Y. An easy/hard setting allows new players to jump right in and enjoy the game without much practice.

For more on TouchGrove, the developers of LED Football, read our recent interview.

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