Solve 16 Mini Puzzles in Lego Batman: Gotham City Games

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Lego Batman game for iPhone

Lego Batman: Gotham City Games is an excellent and engaging game that pieces together the Lego video game series into a puzzle-based game. However, it is very different from the traditional Lego video games available on the consoles. This app is a whole series of puzzle-based mini-games thrown at you all in Lego style.

It is far superior to The Dark Knight, another Batman game that can be found in the App Store. Gotham City Games does a much better job of creating a playable experience that is challenging yet enough fun to pick up and play for just a few minutes.

There are two modes — story and free play. In the beginning free play won't be much use as the levels need to be unlocked by playing through the story line. To make the experience of learning how to play all the different mini-games less painful, be sure to turn the directions on under "options." Otherwise, many of the mini-games will not make sense. It was a struggle on a few of them to figure out what to do until I turned on the directions feature.

While working through the different mini-games you will notice excellent graphics and music from the Batman movies that helps create an atmosphere that pays homage to the characters. The comic book sequences are clever. But, if they are not your thing just tap to skip past them.

There are a 16 mini-games to choose from. They include throwing a Batarang at enemies, solving puzzles that feature Lego-style depictions of Batman's enemies, flying the Batwing, and plugging a series of holes in pipes to prevent a flood. They vary in fun and difficulty, but overall they are a fair challenge and keep you guessing what the next adventure will be. However, some of them were a bit odd, such as forcing your fingers into a round of Twister to plug the leaks. Also, a few more platform-like mini-games would have kept it more consistent with the Lego game experience found in other versions.

Solving all the puzzles unlocks wallpapers, trailers and artwork that can be saved to your device. If you have been looking for that perfect Lego Batman picture to use as wallpaper then you're in luck. Unlocking features and topping previous scores ensures that it may keep you coming back for additional game play. Not everyone will love it as this is a puzzle game far different from other Lego platformers. But it makes a great challenge for those looking to use their brains to save Gotham.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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