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Lemonade Stand
Developer: Maverick Software LLC
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Should you raise the price of your glasses and drop the amount of signs, or maybe lower the cost and make more glasses? This is the simple beauty of Lemonade Stand by Maverick Software that will bring you back over and over again.

Upon tapping in, the first thing you see in Lemonade Stand is a straightforward and well designed navigation. From here you can start squeezing lemons right away and play, read the Instructions, check high scores or change some options. If you left a game in progress you will be allowed to resume — a necessary feature for any iPhone / iPod touch app. 

Instructions gives you a very brief lowdown of what you will be doing in the game (don’t really need much more). High Scores displays a list of your most productive 30 days as a master of lemonade. I was hoping for a way to submit to an online Leader Board but no such luck. Finally Options gives you the ability to adjust sounds, reset the high scores and what I found really cool, the ability to use Classic Graphics if you're a fan of the original 8-bit version.

Lemonade Stand's overall game play is extremely simple; making it easy to pick up and play. The first screen displays a newspaper with the days weather, which you need to take into account when deciding your daily plan on the next screen. On the second screen you are given what day it is (of your thirty) and your current cash, as well as three touch sliders that make up your options. Number of glasses, how much to charge and how much to advertise, it even tells you how much you will be spending!

The touch sliders are very touchy and take a bit to get them set on your desired number. You continue to go through each of these screens until your thirsty thirty days are up. It’s easy to begin and raise prices but watch out for unexpected events.

I have played Lemonade Stand on several other platforms and am excited to be able to have it in my pocket all the time. The simplicity of this game will either leave you loving it and playing it over and over or hating it, but for $0.99 you really can’t go wrong.

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