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Let's Celebrate
Developer: Spiny Mouse
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Need more than a red Solo cup to have a party? How about a collection of mostly random events that offers an obscure reason for celebration every day of the year? If you’re one of those people that looks for any reason to have a party, then the Let’s Celebrate app will give you multiple ones. Let’s Celebrate is a random collection of real events and possibly made up holidays that can be celebrated year-round. From “Barbie-in-a-Blender Day” to “Moldy Cheese Day,” Let’s Celebrate puts a near-endless list of mostly random holidays and observances at your fingertips so you can choose if there’s something worth celebrating.

Let’s Celebrate is available as a free app, but only provides a limited listing (one per day) of all the holidays included in the collection. To unlock the complete list, an in-app purchase to the tune of $1.99 has to be made - after which, a list of 1200 holidays, events and observations are available. The days are organized in an event list, beginning with the current day, and navigable by scrolling. Users can also opt to view a calendar view of an entire month and tap on a given day to see which events or holidays are being celebrated that day.

Let’s Celebrate is mostly a collection of unusual days of observance, but also includes all the usual and widely observed holidays like Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As for the rest of the year, unusual is the keyword with the focus on some truly random events, but not a day will go by that Let’s Celebrate won’t offer up a reason you could use as an excuse to celebrate.

The list of days in Let’s Celebrate is extensive and tapping on an event opens a new page with a blurb about the observation or event, an option to share the event with others via email, Twitter or Facebook, and the option to set a reminder if the event is one you don’t want to forget. In addition to the event sharing option, some days, like “National Cookie Day” and “Blue Jeans Day” also provide an option to send an e-card inviting people to celebrate with you. In some, but not most cases, the descriptive blurb actually provides some information about the day and when or why the observation began. It actually would have been even more entertaining if a brief history (where available) was provided. Still, if you can find a reason to celebrate or observe “Instant Coffee Day” or “Day Without Art,” then go for it!

Let’s Celebrate is a fun and unique way to bring a little entertainment into life. When you feel like a party or just want to do something different, pull up the Let’s Celebrate event list and see what you can make of the day. As the saying goes – Carpe diem!

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  • rdy

    Fun app and looks good. I'm planning to celebrate some of the holidays there!