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Let's Golf! ® 3
Developer: Gameloft
Price: free Download on the App Store

Lets Golf game for iPhoneThe designers at Gameloft have put together another outstanding iPhone/iPod touch app with Let's Golf! The game offers a great experience that should satisfy golf fans yet also appeal to a broad audience with its arcade-like features.

Let's Golf! begins by offering the choice of four different characters. There are some customization options for the clothing, with items that are available for unlocking. The players have different strengths: power, accuracy, recovery and putting. Pick the combination that suits you, change up their clothes and then hit the course.

One of the strengths of Let's Golf! is the two options available for swinging the club. There is a traditional method where you tap as a scale moves — the more accurate the tapping the better the shot. For more of a challenge choose the advanced option. Slide your finger up and down a scale to shoot. The longer the slide the more power the shot has. Before the shot there are also options to preview where the ball will go. By tapping on the screen you can move around or drag the target to a different location. Changing clubs and adjusting the angle to account for wind are also accomplished with just a few taps. Once the ball is in the air, run your finger over a golf ball icon to put spin on the ball.

One of the few downsides is that every time you fire up Let's Golf! a 20-second video begins. Fortunately you can tap on the screen and close it by selecting the "done" button just like any YouTube video. Let's Golf! could also benefit from some more customization options, such as allowing players to increase their abilities in the categories.

There are four play modes in Let's Golf!: instant play, multiplayer, tournament, and free hole. There is also an options screen that allows for tweaking the sound effects and language. In Let's Golf! there is also a stats section that tracks past performance through the four courses available.

Let's Golf! has everything you'd expect from a gold simulator, and it's wrapped in a nice package. Let's Golf!

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