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Lich Defense
Developer: Jellyoasis Inc.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Lich Defense game for iPhone and iPadI know, another tower defense game, right? Make no mistake, if you're a fan of the genre, you'll be a fan of Lich Defense. A deep selection of magic and physical attack combos along with beautifully illustrated game content makes for a solid addition to the App Store.

You assume the role of the Lich king with the goal of defending your kingdom in this real-time strategy tower defense game. To win in Lich Defense, you must utilize a variety of towers and place them throughout the gaming area to battle the onslaught of magical, physical and airborne foes. Each of your towers has a specific attack profile so figuring out which one works the best agains which foes is the key to a successful campaign. 

I appreciated that the developers didn't start you out in the game with absolutely no power or abilities and then crammed in-app currency down your throat, which seems to be a trend nowadays. In fact, I was able to play quite a few games before I ran out of ways to purchase upgrades, new magical powers and rejuvenate life during the game. This was very helpful as each game you play only allots you so many new coins towards purchases and once you run out, it takes a while to build back up.

Of course, you can speed the process up with purchasing Jelly, which is their in-game currency, which starts at $.99 for 1,300 jelly. That goes a long way too. The only thing I had a problem with is that this wasn't explained very well upfront so I burnt through my jelly like it was going out of style. It was nice to have the gold coins as a back up for regular upgrades. And gold is replenishable through gameplay at no cost.

And beyond overall gameplay notes, the detail that went into Lich Defense's artwork is very much appreciated. Everything from the basic tower to the most aggressive enemy charging the gauntlet, this tower defense gem shines with originality. And rocking it on my third-generation iPad was smooth as butter. Even when the entire screen was filled with carnage, the game engine ran without a hitch.

Lich Defense is a breath of fresh air in the tower defense genre. Anyone looking to try this style of gaming for the first time will be pleasantly surprised as it's easy to get into. And for hardcore TD'ers, they will love how in depth the game strategy goes. Lich Defense is a must have.

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