Lifecards Has Issues but is Throwing Users a Lifeline


lifecards iphone appIn line with other apps that let you create cards with photos, Lifecards by Vivid Apps puts postcard-making software on your iPhone that allows you to insert up to four images, add text, and then save and email as a photo attachment. Lifecards supplies 20 different themes ranging from “beach” to “winter,” each with several different templates, giving users hundreds of different card possibilities.

The concept that drives Lifecards is a good one. With the ability for iPhone users to snap several pictures, insert them into one of the numerous different themed templates, create a personal message, and send it on its way, it’s a terrific idea for sharing experiences while traveling or just out and about with friends and family. Included options for editing font, font size, and color give users more creative flexibility as does the ability to zoom, pan, and drag the photos after insertion.

Overall, the user interface during creation is very friendly. With Lifecards you can easily change templates during the creation of a card if you decide to try something different. The addition of text is accomplished by tapping on any available text box and then inputting text with the onscreen keyboard. Different options for text justification and orientation are also available.

The text input is somewhat limited as a text box function rather than direct input and does take a bit of arranging to get it placed just right. For anyone needing help or tips with the creation process, the included instructions provide step-by-step assistance.

While Lifecards proves to be a user-friendly and creative postcard app, there is a hitch. Once a card is sent, the end result is a low-resolution photo too small for the text to be read. I am still unclear if this is an issue primarily for iPod touch and iPhone 2.2 users only or for all users. My research on this matter reveals that the developer is aware of this issue and an update to fix it is in the review stages. In the mean time, the suggested solution for those who experience this issue on their device is to download SendPhotos, a $0.99 app that allows you to manually choose the resolution of the photos your send.

If all users can in fact work around the end-viewing issue with either an update from the developer or the SendPhotos app, I believe Lifecards will deliver satisfaction to those who enjoy sending photo greetings by email. The overall creation process provides users with a simple and relatively intuitive means of creating a variety of postcard-like images and a fun way to share photos.

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