Light Breeze Pumps Your Brain Up with Mental Gymnastics

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Light Breeze
Developer: Nikolay Martynenko
Price: free Download on the App Store

light breeze puzzle for iPhoneI remember an experiment in math class during my freshman year of high school. The goal was to setup mirrors and use a laser to determine whether or not you could make a shot on the pool table. Light Breeze reminds me of this experiment and also reaffirms why I failed that experiment ... I'm horrible at geometry.

There's no denying that you have hundred upon hundreds of great games on the iPhone and iPad to try out. So why should you download Light Breeze? Why should you download yet another puzzle game to your device? Simple, it won't rot your brain. In fact, it's like mental gymnastics and is excruciatingly fun. Not like math nerd fun, but more like try something new fun. Sure, you can go get angry and throw some birds or tap tap until the cows come home, but isn't it time for a change? 

As for the user interface, the developer made it insanely easy to jump right into gameplay. There are a few indicators that show you how to position the mirrors. For instance, you drag and drop a laser onto the screen. If you're done, just drag and drop another one. To reposition the original mirror, simply tap it to select it and then use your finger to move or rotate. The graphics are simple as well, but are also nice and clean. The vivid laser colors sure to pop off the black background too.

Light Breeze offers 80 levels of laser puzzle excitement. Ok, maybe it's not excitement, but after complete a few difficult levels and I found a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Even better, the game is flexing your brain muscles and treating you to a bit of problem solving. Light Breeze also features some fairly relaxing music. This elevator tunage is much needed as the puzzle app only gets more difficult.

And even if you jump through all 80 levels there are user generated puzzles that will truly test your logic abilities. Anyone with the game can make new levels using the user generated level tool. As a side note, user generated content is what is going to keep the App Store relevant and indie developers in the money. But I digress.

Light Breeze is a very well done puzzle that provides something more than just a game. It's thought provoking style of gameplay is a welcomed addition to the App Store.

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