Linguo - A Superior iPhone Translation App

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

* Editor's Note: We've reviewed many translator apps since this article first published in 2008. For more up-to-date-information check out the iPhone translator Travel Interpreter.

When it rains, it pours. Since reviewing Talking Phrasebooks we've been inundated with requests to review other translation apps. We gave BdTranslator passing marks in our review earlier today. Next up is Linguo from Edovia Inc..

linguo iphone appLinguo is the best translation app around. Features include 400 preset phrases in four languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish) with audio clips for each, custom translations in 20 languages, and the ability to save translations for future use. The UI is simple and intuitive. Inverting the "from" and "to" languages can be done with a single click.

Some reviewers have complained about the quality of the translations. As I have no knowledge whatsover of 17 out of 20 of these languages, I can't really comment. Machine translations aren't perfect; it's probably a mistake to use any of these translation apps for more than translations of simple phrases.

In any case, Linguo is the best translation app I've seen to date is no longer in the App Store.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Ciro

    The Italian translation is wrong :)

    It should be:

    visiterò Parigi il prossimo anno


  • Luigi Versace

    OHhhhh..... Mamma Mia...... Pepperoni.........

    The translationi Italiani es wrong..............

    It should be Ferrari, Pizza, Gucci, Versace.................

  • Stefanosadv

    The italian translation is wrong.

  • SpeechTrans

    By far the best translator is SpeechTrans Speech to Speech Translation powered by Nuance makers of Dragon Naturally speaking. Check it out on the App Store Today!

  • Diana

    The italian translation is wrong. You better use to get the most accurate translations on your phone.