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links in a blink iphoneLinks In a Blink, from Sync In a Blink, solves one of the problems that frustrates me most about the iPhone. Sure, this app has a few quirks, but it does what I want it to do, which is to easily import my bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox on my Windows PC and Ubuntu desktops.

I have some 'splaining to do before I tell you more about Links In a Blink:

If you use Safari on your Mac or Microsoft Internet Explorer on your PC, you can readily sync bookmarks between your desktop and iPhone.

But what if you use Mozilla's Firefox as your primary Web browser? How do you transfer your bookmarks into your iPhone? The way I've been doing it is to export my Firefox bookmarks as a file, import them into Internet Explorer and then export them to the iPhone.

The process works, but along the way, some characters are garbled. I might get an ampersand instead of the letter P, for example. I wind up manually fixing things like that on my iPhone because it would drive me nuts otherwise. When my list of bookmarks on my desktop changes enough, I do it all over from scratch. Sigh.

Now, along comes Links In a Blink. For the first time, I can directly download my Firefox or Google bookmarks to my iPhone and they arrive the way I want them organized. I don't understand why Safari's iPhone devs couldn't figure this out on their own.

Here's the catch and it's a small one. You also need the Foxmarks extension plugged into Firefox. What that does is to allow you to synchronize your bookmarks across computers. If you use more than one machine, like I do, it's a great tool. I'm not going to go into detail about how to set up and use Foxmarks. It's easy and free.

Links In a Blink downloads your bookmarks from Foxmarks or Google's servers, not from one of your machines. Choose Firefox or Google, tap the download button and finish.

In Settings, you can choose to have bookmarks open immediately in Safari or in Links in a Blink. I chose to use the app to open bookmarks. If you choose Safari, and want to go back to the app, you have to close Safari and relaunch Links In a Blink. If you stay within Links in a Blink, you eliminate unneeded steps.

There are a few problems with Links In a Blink. You can't edit your bookmarks. The transfer is download only (I don't care about uploading, although others might). The UI could be more polished.

Despite it's few shortcomings, Links in a Blink works for me. I can sync with Firefox, including my recently visited sites; the app is free; and I can search bookmarks.

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