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Liquor Cabinet - Cocktails & Drinks
Developer: Lavacado Studios, LLC
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Liquor CabinetWhether you’ve got discriminating taste in mixed drinks or just like to experiment with different cocktails, then belly up to the Liquor Cabinet app for iPhone. This app is a party host’s dream and is both thorough and concise enough to replace other bar books and drink recipes. The best part is, Liquor Cabinet has multiple features that fill just about every possible home bar-tending need.

Liquor Cabinet allows users to “stock” a virtual liquor cabinet with the items that are on hand in their bar or pantry and then populates a list of possible drinks. It also allows you to experiment by showing you a list of drinks that can be made with just one additional ingredient. If you’re feeling truly discriminating, you can filter drinks by category such as martinis, sours, or shooters. Liquor Cabinet populates lists by filtering, but also has a searchable database and a “view all” option. 

The mixed drink database is extensive – I didn’t count, but there are at least 200 different possibilities - and includes drinks possible even with very limited stock. Besides the extensive database accessible by name, ingredient or drink type, there are additional features that really polish off Liquor Cabinet. Some of these include the ability to add items to a shopping cart list for restocking, create a “favorites” list, add notes to drinks you’ve tried and email the recipes. The drink recipes themselves are fairly simplistic. They refer to units of measurement and ratios where necessary and give instructions for whether the drink is shaken, stirred or layered. There may be a few recipes that are a little ambiguous, but professional bar-tending experience isn’t a prerequisite for decoding any of them.

Liquor Cabinet has a sophisticated look with no ugly pop-up scroll wheels and the interface is very intuitive and smooth. There are other cocktail recipe and bar-tending apps, but Liquor Cabinet has the look and feel of one that has been aged like a fine wine. Even if you don’t keep a bar at home, Liquor Cabinet is a great way to keep track of drinks you enjoy by viewing those made with your favorite ingredients. It also presents drink combinations, stir-ins and garnish ideas that users may not have considered.

Whatever the introductory price of Liquor Cabinet was or is intended to be, you can’t beat the .99 sale price available right now. It’s quicker and easier than a book and certainly more versatile. Liquor Cabinet is the ideal bar companion for the party host, the social drinker and any connoisseur of a good, stiff drink.

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