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Listen Up! lite
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Listen up lite for iphone - record audioIf you're looking for a new gaming experience, Listen Up! lite is an engaging word guessing challenge that requires a different set of skills for success. Oh, and a willingness to be silly. Did I mention that?

Listen Up! lite is a "guess the word" game with a unique spin that is fun, fun, fun. The turn-based game has one partner describe the secret word by recording a short audio clip, then the other partner needs to "listen up" and figure out what those sounds mean.

Begin by choosing from three words with varying difficulty level: easy, medium or hard. The concept of Listen Up! is unique, but familiar. Like a very noisy version of charades, the goal is to convey an idea to your partner. Listen Up! encourages players to record or imitate sounds — any sounds — that might describe the word. No sound is off limits as long as you don't say the actual word. For each word your partner guesses, players receive microphones which act as points for in-app purchases that can be used to buy more words. 

The words in Listen Up! lite are fun and a blast to imitate. During one level I had to choose between guitar, car alarm, and vomit. During another, I had duck, caroling, and monster. And of course, I went the hard route and choose monster—which my partner did not guess, because I sounded more like a pirate with a cough than an actual monster under the bed.

Listen Up! lite allows you to connect with friends and family through Facebook, e-mail, username, and will even let you play with random users by selecting a random game. The app has multiple in-app purchases that range from $2.99, $1.99 to $0.99. The extra mics that you buy or earn can be used to unlock images that give you hints when you are guessing a word.

One great feature of Listen Up! lite is the ‘Susie Soundmaster’ option that lets players nominate sounds that they think are funny or weird or just plain awesome, which will be eligible for weekly contests and prizes.

Overall, I thought Listen Up! lite was fun and completely different game that anything I have played. Making up random sounds was fun, silly and engaging. The app can be quite addicting once you try and rack up as many points as possible. I really enjoyed playing it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a silly, yet entertaining game to play.

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