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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

listenial iphoneListenial is a music app for iPhone and iPod Touch that links to the music stored in the default iPod application to allow you to create playlists on the go. As a music player, it’s effective and as a playlist creator, it’s equally effective. While the UI isn’t totally sexy, it’s simple enough to use and has a few features that are kinda user friendly.

If you really don’t like building playlists within iTunes, but every song you own is synced to or stored on your device, then Listenial can help you build lists right here, right now, with a fair amount of ease. Plus, it’s a bit jazzier in appearance than the iPod default music player.

To create a playlist with Listenial, simply launch the app, scroll the screen over to the playlists menu and tap “create playlist.” Name your list and then the app takes you to your music library. Scroll through and select the songs you want to add. It’s really quite simple.

Some of the user friendly features included are the ability to add a “now playing” song to any previously created playlist with the tap of a button, an included sleep timer, and the ability to use Listenial as a music player while building lists and after closing the app. There are two default color schemes and two themed appearances to choose from. All of the traditional buttons like play, pause, repeat and shuffle are present as well as an in-app volume control, so Listenial is also an effective music player.

Should you run across SNIPE Inc.’s description of their app, their effort to explain it contains some pretty poor use of the English language, but don’t let that deter you. Listenial is fairly simple to use as a playlist creator and makes creating special playlists for the gym, your next road trip, or sunning on the beach quick, easy, and best of all, tether free. You can't edit song information within the app, so music files without album art or artist info will obviously appear blank, but your ligit files appear in full detail.

In short, if you’re looking for a way to create and listen to playlists on the fly and haven't yet downloaded a music manager app that lets you create and save those lists, then Listenial will do the job.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • wildcatherder

    Anybody figure out what the Sort button does? Does it sort alphabetically by song, album, artist, what? The YouTube instruction video is textbook bad example of how such videos should be done. The sound track is literally some kind of text-to-speech synthesized voice which is not well-synced with the procedure being shown.