Logical Conclusion - The iPhone App for Einstein Puzzle Fans

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Logical ConclusionTrue brainiacs that appreciate and enjoy applying inferential logic to those deductive reasoning puzzles that are known as zebra puzzles or Einstein puzzles will get a gray matter kick out of Logical Conclusion, the iPhone app that challenges players to solve a variety of these riddle-style puzzles. The basic premise of these puzzles is to find a reasonable order to information by using if-then logic and deductive reasoning. The static design of Logical Conclusion is a bit like Sudoku with words.

Presented with a series of facts or rules – such as “the girl who swims likes ham” and “Nina likes apples and is left of the girl with blue shoes” – players are challenged to sort out keywords in a sensible order onto a grid while making sure that the order is in direct compliance with the rules. Fair warning, these puzzles are not for those taking an intellectual sabatical.

Logical Conclusion offers 14 different and gradually more complex puzzles. A bonus is available if you solve all 14 correctly. Each puzzle is presented with numbered rules on a transparent screen, allowing the grid beneath to be semi-visible. Navigation between the grid and the rules is a simple one-tap action and the keywords being placed in the grid are made active by tapping to “pop” them out of the ordered rules. The words can then be manipulated on the grid by touching and dragging. Grids range from 3 x 3 to 5 x 5, with each square representing a possibility.

The first couple of puzzles are not all that dissimilar to order and logic puzzles seen on middle school homework. The subsequent questions get more and more difficult, with fewer static possibilities supplied in the original rules, leaving the solver to infer and apply logic that has to be tested and retested against the rules. There is always an option to check whether the keywords you place are in their correct spot, but each check costs you a ranking. A perfect consists of a correct answer with no confirmations, while you can still earn gold if you check only once.

It is said that only 2% of the population can accurately solve the original Einstein Puzzle, which was published in 1962, but there is likely to be a larger percentage of the population that would enjoy at least trying to solve the puzzles in Logical Conclusion. The riddles themselves provide a true mental workout and aren’t for the faint of brain. Though not for everyone, for its intended audience Logical Conclusion provides a simple and cohesive means of reading and working the ruled riddles out – stimulating fun for anyone who likes a thought-provoking challenge.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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