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lokast iphoneFor most iPhone users the ease of social networking is a blessing and a curse (don’t get caught at work). But however you look at it, new apps that break the social boundaries are emerging all the time. LoKast is a newer social networking app and, similar to Bump, allows users to instantly share information— without actually touching. However, information sharing with LoKast isn’t limited to contacts and photos, but also lets users in the same general vicinity share music, videos, and weblinks.

It's essentially a file sharing app that integrates with popular social networking sites and allows synchronized web browsing.

The primary advantages of LoKast are the speed at which information exchange takes place—a result of the fact that it connects using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G—and the seamless integration.

LoKast automatically picks up on other LoKast users within a range of about 300 feet. Obviously, the range limitations are only practical if you live in a large metro area where there is a large base of iPhone users or if you have a lot of friends with iPhones. If you’re not limited by location - or network connectivity—then LoKast is a quick way to exchange media with friends and strangers.

In addition to media sharing, LoKast also provides downloads of free music from within the app. Roughly 50 songs are available to download for free, including a handful from Third Eye Blind and Truth and Salvage Co. If you share favorite songs from your library or friends share theirs with you, LoKast gives you the option of immediately downloading the song from iTunes. Photo and video sharing is equally convenient.

The common complaint from current Lokast users seems to be the the complex navigation from menu to menu. While definitely not designed to pick up and use intuitively the included tutorial is thorough. New users should definitely go through the tutorial as randomly tapping on every icon and tab will leave you more confused than satisfied, so take a few minutes to explore the directions and familiarize yourself with the all the features included.

While it’s true that you could just as easily share photos, videos, songs, contacts, and other info via email or messaging, LoKast makes it quicker and simpler for sharing from iPhone to iPhone. You can also update Twitter and Facebook status and access other random media, like movie trailers. But best of all, it’s a free app with networking potential and works pretty much anywhere.

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