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London 2012 Spogger
Developer: E-beeze
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London 2012 SpoggerLondon 2012 Spogger? While the name Spogger may not offer much other than some head scratching as to what it is and why you want it, The London 2012 part probably tells you whole lot more. In short though, London 2012 Spogger is your go-to application for the events, itinerary, and clips from the ongoing London 2012 Olympics this Summer. From the Opening Ceremony to Closing, Spogger will have you covered for whatever's in the know for the biggest sports event of the year.

Spogger is a mix between a social assistant, itinerary manager, and media aggregation for everything to do with this year's Olympic Events in London alongside facts and stats of the champions and their events. The only question here is what you want to make out of this app, as opposed to what it can offer.

The application, developed by E-breeze Ltd as part of 'Olympi-Mania' appears to be a well developed application with a very wide variety of features that can cater to any one of the many Olympic events and needs you may have should you be an attendee of the events in London or just a fan tuning in from home. Tying the whole application in with a contest for tickets to the games, and a promotional featuring a fellow in pink tights, E-breeze seems to be going all out  for their app as the games begin to kick off. 

London 2012 Spogger Capitalizes Olympimania

The application centers around several main features that compose the very identity of the London 2012 Spogger app. An itinerary of all scheduled events for the Olympics keeps you posted on what's going on along with details and locations to go along with each event. Each event gets a fact page featuring information on the olympians, their events, and historical information to go along with it. A social media connection allows you to share the info with your friends and family as well as sync up the day to day events to your Facebook and more. All of this is centered around a wide variety of media aggregation from previous Olympics to offer a unique look at the events and the players. All in all this offers a very powerful gaze into the Olympics, what there is behind it, and what there is to  expect.

The app is very well polished, and comes to a pinnacle as the Olympics themselves kick off into high gear. When you consider all the options involved for the viewer or visitor there's countless ways this event can keep you informed on the go — and how it's certain to be an asset to any real fan of the athletic games themselves. While it may not be a necessity for everyone out there looking for a heads-on display of the games, it certainly can offer a lot of background and real time information that you'd spend hours looking for yourself. If you need an easy, quick, and effective way to get all the important Olympic information, London 2012 Spogger is the way to go.  We only wish there was  a way to stream live events with this app, but licensing issues probably would get in the way. Still, it's a great accompaniment as you watch the games from your seat in Olympic Stadium or from the couch of your home.

London 2012 Spogger is available on the App Store for $1.99 through this year's Olympics in a wide variety of languages for iOS 5.0 or later. (PS: If the video above is your cup of tea, check out the Olympimania YouTube channel for more everyday blokes with full-blown Olympic fever.)

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