Workout and Look Wow! in 12 Weeks

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look wow in 12 weeks iphoneIf you’re looking to make a 3-month commitment to working out and wondering if there’s an easy way to keep track of your progress, the answer is...maybe. Look Wow! In 12 Weeks is a fitness and workout app featuring a 12-week workout schedule along with fitness and nutrition tips. The aim of Look Wow! In 12 Weeks is to help users look “wow,” but also to help them feel better.

As far as a fitness app goes, Look Wow! is pretty well organized and usable. There is a specific workout routine, combining strength, toning, and cardio exercise, set up for each day of each of 12 weeks. Developed by a fitness trainer, one can only presume that the workouts are genuinely effective if followed.

There is also advice built in on choosing healthy foods, developing good eating habits, exercise tips, and so on. Most of the information is repetitive unless you’ve never picked up a fitness or health magazine, but some of the tips are fresh and original.

The effectiveness of Look Wow! in 12 Weeks largely depends on what your fitness goal is, but it provides good guidance, suggestions and a way to keep track of your progress.

While Look Wow! in 12 Weeks is effectively organized into 6 daily workouts for 12 weeks, provides nice visuals and includes nutrition information, one of the premises for creating the app was reportedly to avoid the hassles of a gym while still benefiting from a personal trainer. OK, but since many of the exercises in the actual workouts require a bench and weights, the app isn’t all that helpful for those who don’t have the equipment. Look Wow! is also pretty clearly aimed at the male physique, which is fine with me as I prefer a different approach to fitness anyway, but if you're looking to build and tone mucles this might be the workout for you.

As for the nutritional information provided. It's pretty generic and basic stuff. Of course it suggests whole grains, fruits and vegetables, but what about showing an example of an actual day's worth of meal suggestions? Now that would be helpful. In retrospect, I think the lack of detailed information is another cue that Look Now! is designed for guys—afterall they don't really require that level of detail, or any level for that matter.

Just because Look Wow! in 12 Weeks doesn’t win my favor, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a useful purpose. The workout is ideal for someone already set up with a bench and weights. It provides illustrative examples of each maneuver, lets you mark off each you week you complete, and provides encouragement and tips for making progress. Look Wow! is simple to use and I respect the mission. While just how "wow" anyone can look after three months of working out depends on many factors, losing weight and toning muscle is entirely possible in 12 weeks and this is just one app that could help you along.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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