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Looptastic Producer
Developer: Sound Trends LLC
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looptastic producer iphoneLooptastic Producer - As far as iPhone looping software goes,  it's either a hit or miss.  Some developers seem to over-complicate or oversimplify, while others can find the just the right balance.

One of the latest contenders in the loop station race is Looptastic Producer by Sound Trends, which used loops from piploops.com to develop their application. Which category would this latest effort fall into?

Looptastic Producer presents the user with a series of preset loops in various categories including Breakbeat, Drum n' Bass, Minimal and Trance. After selecting the loop set, the user is shown ten loops that when combined create a full, rich-sounding song.

One of the many issues with most iPhone loop apps is the overabundance of small buttons. Looptastic removes the clutter of volume sliders by controlling the volume of loops by their height on the mixer channels.

The single crossfade is quite limiting since the center channel is always playing, but the software is responsive enough to make this a minor issue. This could be addressed in the future by adding a crossfade channel selection option found on most hardware mixers with more than 2 channels. Looptastic Producer has a menu option  Sound Trends calls an "Effect Menu", which is in fact an EQ pad with great presets for bass cut, high cut, notch and band pass.

Anyone who has used Ableton Live will feel right at home with the Looptastic's drag and drop interface. It would be interesting to see one of the key Ableton Live features, loop playback quantizing, make it's way into Looptastic Producer. Apart from the easy-to-use interface,  my most appreciated feature was the deep recording mode. Not only does the app record audio, it records and plays the performance's video, showing you exactly how you constructed your masterpiece. Another feature I would like to see integrated into a future release would be something similar to the Beatgrid option in VirtualDJ.

The loops used in Looptastic Producer aren't quite up to par with today studio standards, but are more than enough for the average person to create great music on the go. Apart from those packaged with the application,  you can import loops in a variety of formats from your computer, allowing amateurs to mix their own songs on the go. If that's what your in the market for, then Looptastic Producer is right for you, check out its many flavors at the App Store.

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