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Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter (AppStore Link)
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Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter
Developer: FitNow, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

lose it iphone calorie counterLose It! is one of the first user-friendly calorie-counting apps for the iPhone, and it is free. The Lose It app from FitNow utilizes the Mifflin equation to determine what your daily calorie intake should be. You input your age, height, gender and current weight then choose your goal weight; Lose It tells you how many calories you can eat each day to meet this weight loss goal. Then your work begins.

Lose It has a large database of foods, way better than previous calorie counting apps Absolute Fitness and Daily Count, plus Lose It includes brand name foods like Chef Boyardee and Coca-Cola.  You search the database for the foods you ate, choose your portion size and add it to your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack log.   The menu also contains popular foods from some chain restaurants like Olive Garden and McDonald's.  Did you know that a Bruegger’s plain bagel has 296 calories before you even add the cream cheese? If you make meals from scratch, you must enter the dishes one ingredient at a time into the app. Luckily you can save the recipe so you do not have to enter it again later.

Exercise is also factored into your Lose It daily caloric allowance. Lose It's list of exercises is quite creative, with activities such as curling, frisbee, lawn mowing, yoga and even vacuuming. You can adjust the intensity on many of the activities as well as the length of time you exercised. The amount of calories burned is added onto your daily calorie maximum. If Lose It added a pedometer function for the iPhone like Step Trak Lite, it would be a great addition.

If you have an obsessive or compulsive side to your personality, Lose It might actually be a bit fun. One drawback is that it can take a long time to add recipes or dishes with multiple ingredients. This could interfere with a person’s commitment to use the app regularly. The ability to have more than one profile would be nice if you aim to improve your body with a buddy or two.

The app does not focus on overall healthiness; though there is optional nutrient tracking, no red flags appear when you input potentially unhealthy goals. When I told the app that I wanted my goal weight to be 80 lbs, the response was that I needed to eat 757 calories a day to achieve this weight loss. Hmmm. Lose It’s license agreement reminds the user to consult a doctor before starting any dieting or exercise regime.

I cannot offer you a testimonial to Lose It’s effectiveness at actual weight loss; I had my fill of calorie counting and aerobics classes in the 1980’s. I can tell you that if you have the time and determination, Lose It is a way you can keep track of the foods you eat while you are on the go, and increase your awareness of exactly what you are putting into your body.

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  • Alex

    I use iShape and I like that better. I think it has more overall and is a more well rounded application. To each their own.

  • Kim

    Not a bad app... a bit too time consuming to fill in your foods, but very detailed if that is what you are looking for.

  • Andrew

    This application has absolutely changed my life. I've lost close to 15 pounds at this point, it's been almost three months. I love the way it works and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to live healthier.

  • Treasie

    I absolutely LOVE this app. I too have benefited with weight loss just by using it and counting my daily calories exercise. It has given me an outlet to stay focused. I agree that it can be time consuming to add all of your custom foods, but once you get them in there, you find that it's a lot easier because we tend to eat a lot of the same foods if we maintain a healthy lifestyle. With that being said, I am wondering if anyone knows if there will be a way to upload all of your data, specifically previous meals and custom foods for those iphone users who will be upgrading in June to the next gen iphone?? I just dont want to have to re-input all of my custom foods when I get the new iphone. Any info would be great!

  • http://twitter.com/jdwalt/status/1688599374 jdwalt

    Check out: "Everyone on the 30:30 challenge who has an iPhone. #30:30" (http://twitthis.com/hfdzes)

  • David

    Not available in the UK store

  • http://loseit Janet

    Love this app. I've tried on and off thinking calorie counting doesn't work, but I wasn't to organized. This tool is the solution: I entered my age, height, weight and goal weight and how much I wanted to lose per week. Then I started entering each day what I weighted and all the food I ate and exercises (Garden work, walking, running, mowing lawn, plenty to choose from), saw my total calorie limit and net intake (which was less). I actually have lost 1.6 pounds in 4 days and I am not killing myself doing so. Very easy to have it all in one place and analyze. Nice at end of day to know if you can eat more calories and exactly how much. Plus if you decide to change how quickly you want to get to your goal (in case too difficult or too easy), it is very easy to do as well. You get a very good overall understanding of the calories you consume and use and how to make adjustments. It's awesome.

  • Edgar

    It blows that you can't download it from the Mexican iTunes Store.
    I wrote FitNow and they never got back to me.

  • Penny

    Can you use this on the computer or on a Blackberry?

  • minda

    Tambien quisiera saber si existe una aplicacion similar para pc

  • Andrew

    Does the database include alcoholic drinks?

  • Andrew

    Yes, the database does include alcoholic drinks.

  • Tom B

    I have lost 48 pounds so far using this app, eating right and exercise. It is a pain to enter in custom foods but they next time you eat that food very easy to search and select. Try it out what do you have to loose. Me it was 48 pounds. I expect to loose another 20 then maintain.

  • Vanessa

    I started using Lose it! In combination with exercise and have lost 17lbs in 4 weeks. I think it makes you more aware of what you are eating and how it will affect your overall goal. If you have the time and dedication, give it a try. I highly recommend this app.

  • Grace

    This app is my favorite. Can't live with out it!! I lost 25lbs thanks to Lose it! 10 more to go. It's funny that nothing else was able to motivate me like this app

  • SW

    I have 8 pounds using it. It's exactly what Vanessa says.

  • tracy m

    I love this app. It keeps me honest. However, I have locked myself out by using the password function. Does anyone know how to get in?? I don't want to have to wipe it out and start again, as I have a lot of time invested in my food entries. PLEASE HELP??!

  • http://loseit! donna

    I just started useing the Loseit! app, and so far I like it.. been using it 3 days and so far ive stayed just under the calorie intake it reccomended for my daily intake. I feel positive after readint all the great things said here.. wish me luck !

  • ashley

    please some one tell me how i can download this app on my laptop if i can i dont own a itouch or iphone please people does anybody know?

  • Julia

    This app is incredibly easy to use and effective. Having a calorie counter and exercise tracker at your finger tips MAKES you take notice of your eating habits and change them for the better. I've lost 10 lbs. so far using this app and absolutely love it! It's free too :-)

  • erica

    Lose It would have been great except that it's sometimes incorrect. A slice of bread is not 170 calories. A slice of pizza is not 900 calories. And, unfortunately, a glass of wine is a bit more than what Lose It tells you. I'd like to know where they get their info.

  • JS

    Actually, many slices of bread are 170 calories. A large slice of sourdough is around 274 calories!

    As for the pizza, that doesn't seem right, but I enter in all the exact calorie content directly from the foods I eat. Every brand, serving size, etc. is going to vary quite a bit in calories.

    I've been using this app for two weeks and have lost 8 lbs. I have to agree with Vanessa that it really does make you more aware of what you are eating and when you are looking at the caloric intake of some foods you step back and have this "wow" moment and often times you can easily do without it. I don't find it that time consuming to enter in my meals, and I often find that I enjoy it.

  • Jacki

    I just love this ap. You really don't know what you are eating until you start tracking your calories. I've tried other diets before...and never lost anything. With this program, if you use it properly...you can lose so much weight! Last year I lost 27 lbs in about 12 weeks (down to 112 lbs) - I went off the program...and gained about 13 back. But I've just started the program again and can't believe how fast you start to see results. It's really hard to stick to the calories - but believe me...if you do...you will lose weight consistenty. I've shared this with my friends at work and they have shared it with their friends and together - we have all (7 of us) lost over 400 lbs. Try it!!!

  • Victor

    I started using Lose It a month ago and I am down 18 lbs. My wife noticed my progress and immediately loaded it on her iPhone and now won't eat a meal without logging it. A really super program despite the time needed to enter data. I can see me reaching my goal because it re-educates you to what is healthy and the price that you pay for eating that extra slice of bread. I would recommend it to anyone needing to lose weight.

  • Ina

    Started using this app this week after a friend at work recommended it. I thought it was going to be a pain to have to write down everything I eat but it really isn't. I agree with some of the other reviewers that the calorie counting is really eye opening and makes you think twice about eating things you thought weren't bad for you (i.e I had no idea that peanuts on a salad addd another 240 calorie!). I just started it and hope to lose a pound a week. So far so good and I have not felt deprived yet,

  • Jo

    Im looking for a calorie counter so i can track my toddlers calories. He is only 10 kg, does this app allow you to enter a starting weight that low?

  • ashley

    can we use it out laptops ? if we dont have an iphone or itouch?

  • Vanessa

    I love it. I've lost 12 lbs. My boyfriend has lost 16 lbs. It does take time to add the food and sometimes frustrating when you go out to eat at a restaurant which is not on the list, but it works!!!

  • Zucky

    This is the best app! I've been working out trying to lose weight for al
    ost a year prior to using Lose It! No success. Matter of fact from Thanksgiving to just after New Years I gained almost 20 pounds. Enough was enough. Started using Lose It consistantly and slowly started losing weight the first few weeks. No cheating. If I have a bad day or two and go over my daily goal by thousands of calories I record it. For me over time seeing the facts has changed my eating habbits. Down 30 pounds since the beginning with about 10 more to go. The adjust For your own metabolism is a great feature. Bottom line is if you can be honest you will lose weight or at least see on "paper" why you didn't.

  • Annely

    I love the app. It is not time consuming since it keeps a separate database ("My Foods") of what you've eaten in the past and it's easy to find them in the list.

    I wish it had a "notes" or "comments" feature, though, in addition to logging food and exercise. It could be used to write notes to oneself in encouragement, or simply to document reasons for a bad calorie day (wedding, travel, etc.) The uses could be endless. Just a blank page for notes for each day. Maybe on a future update?

  • Reggie

    I agree with #16. It keeps you honest. Yes its time consuming but if it wasnt you would probably be using that time to eat. ;->

    It really makes you think. The only drinks it includes are shakes (which are F'ing horrible as far as calorie count goes) and i initially had a problem with that, but I think it works. I try to stay under my calorie goal by 150-200 to allow for the occasional soda.

    Since 3/22 i have lost 6 pounds.

  • Yael

    really wish it was available on the israeli app store :( really want to download this!!!

  • JVee

    Awesome app. I've been able to lose those dreaded extra post pregnancy 10lbs. I've tried everything and this app has finally done the trick. I had no idea how many extra calories I had been eating but now with this app I can decide if I'd rather have chocolate or wine, or both just less of each. I love how I can add my own recipes and custom foods or select from restaurant items to choose items with less calories. I find I eat more nutritious foods, treat myself to sweets but know when to stop.

  • http://iPhone Dave T.

    Between the SOUTH BEACH (modified) and LOSE IT, I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks...BUT...measure yourself!!! I did and was SURPRISED my the amount of inches I lost in two short weeks. Sure, adding all the food items is a pain, but after a couple weeks anything you eat can be added. Figures, my iPhone takes a dump and I have to start over...LOL

  • Geetha

    To answer a few questions. You can't download it on a laptop and use it, it requires having an iphone, although Lose it! does have a website. But the website requires the iphone app to register and it backs up from the iphone app.
    If you have only a laoptop and an internet connection. You might try the website: http://www.sparkpeople.com/
    It essentially does what Lose it! does, calorie tracking, food logs, some pretty great forums and its free. best!

  • kylee

    I've been using it a few weeks now and love it! My boyfriend is also using it and has lost almost 10 lbs. I was a bit lazy the first week, as you really do have to enter in many recipes and food items, which can be time consuming, but now that I'm accurately counting, I can feel the weight dropping off. Has really made me balance my calories, exercise, and low-carb/sugar goals effectively. My only suggestion: I wish you could share recipes with your friends. It's annoying to sit next to my boyfriend after dinner and both of us have to type in each ingredient that makes up a recipe. Another idea: wouldn't it be great if you could just scan a barcode and have the nutritional value automatically prepopulate?

  • http://home Garry Burgess

    This App has saved my life, and thus far I've lost 21 lbs with it, and my wife has lost 15 lbs too. It's a huge resource in becoming aware of how much you are eating. When combined with other things, such as changing the mix towards more fruits and veggies, it can change a person's life forever.

  • Sandy

    I love this app. It is a great way to see exactly what you are eating and a real eye opener. I do wish you could edit some of the entries. When you make up a recipe, you can't edit any of the ingredients. It would also be nice to be able to add a buddy. Thanks for a great app.

  • Emma

    do you have to work out and exercise to successfully lose weight?

  • Marie

    My neice loves this application on her iPhone.

    Need to develop for the Android!!!

  • Syd

    How do you enter recipse for this App? It keep telling me to hit the "more" button but that doesn't do anything!!!!!

  • Kristin

    I love this ap... I have been using it for a month or a little less and already lost 10 lbs. It's really amazing to know how many calories I consumed before using this ap, it really makes you thing about what you're fixing to eat..The only thing I'd like to know is do you ever level out on your calories and do they ever go back up? The more weight I lose the more calories I lose a day.

  • http://www.kyleecoffman.com Kylee

    I'm the 35th commenter above, but wanted to update everyone on my progress in the past two months. I LOVE THIS APP! Like another commenter said, "it keeps me honest." Since April, I've been using the app and have lost 12 lbs. My boyfriend has been using it and has lost almost 28lb!! Let me also say, we aren't big people to begin with. It's been very difficult for me to peel off these last few lbs and I've tried many diets that just couldn't help me until I started using this app. I especially enjoy the "Motivators" and have been receiving weekly reports on my calorie consumption/expenditure. It allows me to evaluate what did or didn't work (example: higher carb consumption). I'm still wishing they would allow a sharing feature for "sharing recipes" between LoseIt friends. Maybe one day!

  • Elizabeth

    Best app ever. Considering how much people pay for weight loss programs & books this is simple & free! Lost 14 pounds and going!

  • Jennifer

    I have been using the Lose It! app for almost 3 weeks now and have been keeping a diary of all of my foods and exercise. Last week I had gone from 145 to 141.5 and then all of a sudden I am back to 145. I am on the plan to lose 2 lbs per week and I am very disappointed that I am not seeing those results. I am confused by the daily calorie allowance, am I supposed to say well under my prescribed calorie level, which is currently 967(before exercise)???

  • Karen

    This app is the greatest. I have an itouch and after my daughter told me about it, I downloaded it. I put in for 1 1/2 pound loss a week and am on track. Its been 8 weeks and I've lost 13 pounds. My daughter 19 pounds. I am down to a size 8. I'm addicted now and plan to use it to maintain once I reach my goal.

  • Lori

    I love this app, it has been the greatest thing for me. I have been using it for two weeks and have lost 11 pounds.I have never been a diet person, I like to eat too much lol. But this app allows me to eat what I want with making better choices and I can look at it and know when to stop. I had absolutely no clue how many calories I was taking in on a daily basis this app allows me to make smart informed choices. So far so good.

  • Tiffany

    I've lost 40 pounds with this app! I starting using it Memorial Day 2010. As of today, I'm down 40 pounds! This app has changed my life and, to me, is much easier than WW or any other calorie counting program or paper journal.

  • KidDoc

    Lose it? Love it! I especially enjoy having the calorie count as an achievable daily goal, since true weight loss is slow. I recommend this to my adolescent patients.

  • http://naturfatburnerp.livejournal.com/ Sally Petgrave
  • Zeke

    Lost 47 pounds in 4 months using this app. My golf game improved from a 14.4 handicap index to a 5.2 index. Now golf is over here in MN and the weight is starting to come back on. I am going back to the program and try to figure out how to keep my golf flexibility.

  • Sergio Trevino

    I've lost 24 lbs up to this point. The combination of running, interval training, lifting and watching my calorie intake has made all the difference. At first it took me about 3-5 minutes to enter my food consumption and exersises but after about 1 week, it took 1-2 minutes to enter my food consumption. This is not alot of time when you think about what we're all trying to do...improve our health.

  • heather

    this app is amazing......I'm 15 and I've lost 35 pounds on it...although my friends have told me I'm seeming anorexic because of the low amount of calories I've been eating a day (about 400) but it works and that makes me happy

  • Laurhen

    I managed to maintain my weight for an entire year using this app and have used it throughout my current pregnancy to keep track of my protein and ensure that I gain weight within the recomended guidelines. During my last pregnancy I had gained about 65 pounds and currently (I'm 22 weeks) I'm on track for a mere 20 pound gain. Wonderful app, don't know what I'd do without it.

    Just as an aside #52 400 calories is WAY below what your body needs just to function. You are not doing yourself any favors there.

  • Eric V

    I bought live strong first. Then I got loseit for free. I use loseit exclusively. Live strong was a waste. I went from 220 lbs to 165 lbs in 7 or 8 months with loseit. While loseit was free, in retrospect I'd pay $1,000 for it. Between my iPhone and their website it is cake. I wish they had live strong's database of food but it is still stellar. I'm a big fan/convert. I lost weight and got motivated to really bike and hit the gym. Really amazing. I feel like I owe a debt of gratitude.

  • Jackie

    I like how it doesn't cost. People say I look like Jennifer Hudson before her weight lost. So I want to show them I can lose weight also. But doing weight watchers cost monthly.Teens without a job can benifit from it, and it does the same as weight watchers.I'm ready to lose my 70 pounds by December

  • Jackie

    One more thing, if you have a labtop you cdan get it on your computer.Apps are for the iphone which is needed to get on your phone. But if you have a conmputer its not an App, you just look it up..lol

  • Annie

    You can use it online . thats how i'm doing it just go to loseit.com you make an account with your email its as easy as that!
    i used to use it and lost 10 pounds then i lost my ipod and stoped and gained back the 10 plus 5 more so then i found the website and just started losing more. can't wait to fit in my skinny jeans!

  • Lizeth

    I just started using this app two days ago, cant wait to see results! Will keep updating.

  • faith

    just logged onto this website decided to make the choice to lose the weight before the new year to all of you in the journey be encouraged respectfully Faith.

  • Nicole

    I love this app! Used it for a while and now just got back into it in March. Since then I've lost 15 pounds using lose it to keep track of my caloric intake and getting out and walking more often.