Lounge a Solid iPhone Twitter Option

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Lounge tweetsLounge is the latest in the stream of Twitter apps designed to keep you up to date with the Twitterverse on your iPhone. Goose Apps bring some nifty features that make it worth a try — even though it is not as polished as some of the more established apps, like Twittelator Pro or Twitterfon.

Lounge uses a sliding lists interface that makes tapping through tweets pretty easy. And it is very fast to get details such as linked web sites, hash tags, and the author's profile data. The author's previous tweets, followers, and those following are within easy reach. The only feature that would have made skimming tweets easier would be an icon giving the number of replies.Lounge did load tweets fairly quickly — but the icons were a little slower to load than some of the other Twitter apps I have tried. With each tweet there is the option to retweet, create a link, e-mail the tweet, or open Safari. It was a bit counter intuitive to find these options, however. You have to tap on the text after opening the tweet.

If you have multiple Twitter user names then you will enjoy the easy access to the Accounts section. This brings up all the accounts you are using and makes switching between them or adding a new one easy. Lounge also offers options for scrolling through your past tweets or just browsing the entire Twitterverse.

Typing a new Tweet was fairly easy. Just tap in the space for this at the top of the screen when looking at all your tweets. Probably the biggest missing feature in Lounge is the ability to attach a photo to a tweet. Twitpic integration would round out Lounge quite well. Hopefully this functionality will be available in a future release.

In the end Lounge is easy to use and has a slick interface. With a couple of more features it could easily be among the top tier of iPhone Twitter apps.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.gooseapps.com Geoff Mitchell

    Version 1.1 has been submitted to the App Store and will be available shortly. Version 1.1 adds Twitpic [how intuitive of you, Derek :-) ] support as well as syncing with the Mac desktop version of Lounge, and numerous other enhancements and updates. And there's more on the way in 1.2.