Love Crush: She Loves it, She Loves it Not

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Love Crush
Developer: Girish Nesaratnam
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love crush iphone appLove Crush - When is the last time that you plucked the petals off a flower one by one, reciting aloud, “she/he loves me, she/he loves me not?” Back in the day, I used a real flower, complete with real petals. With Love Crush, now I can find out the answer to my angst-driven question with my omnipotent iPhone.

We have all experienced crushes. For most of us, adolescence marked the recurrent drama of wondering if our love was requited or if our crush even knew of our miserable, tormented existence. Girish Nesaratnam created Love Crush to offer a modern-day digital way to find the answer.

Love Crush has cute cartoon sketches of colorful flowers with backdrops like a Parisian city or a bucolic stream. After you type in your crush’s name, you pluck the petals by tapping them or dragging them as the iPhone’s screen declares, “Loves me. Loves me not. Loves me.” When your final petal disappears, a sugary message flashes onto the screen such as, “Brittany doesn’t love you. Awww. Try a different crush,” or, if you are lucky, “Brittany thinks you have a chance.”

Love Crush does not go any deeper than that; it does nothing other than what is described above. Love Crush is easy to use, and it is shallow. After a few minutes, you are going to run out of crushes. I played until I got the answer I wanted, just like I used to do with real flowers. At least with Love Crush, there's no reason for daisies to die so that I find out if my love is true.

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  • Girish

    thanks for the honest and detailed review. also, i've also uploaded heaps of sketches from behind the scenes development work on my website.